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A Jubilee for First World Debtors?

Over the last three decades consumers in the Anglo-American economies have been engulfed by a tidal wave of credit/debt. Now that the tide is going out, poor borrowers and homeowners, small businesses and large, find themselves beached – deserted by bankers; and by the ‘guardians of the nation’s finances’ – i.e. central bank governors and finance ministers. Is it time to call for a Jubilee for poor debtors in rich countries?

Ann Pettifor is executive director of Advocacy International, and the author of ‘The coming first world debt crisis’ published in 2006.

Author: Ann Pettifor

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Ann Pettifor
I’m Ann Pettifor, author and analyst of the global financial system, and co-author of The Green New Deal (2008). I predicted an Anglo-American debt-deflationary crisis back in 2003, and in September, 2006 published The Coming First World Debt Crisis (Palgrave). I am known for my work on the sovereign debts of low income countries and for leading an international movement for the cancellation of debts, Jubilee 2000.