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Misspelling the Topic and Point of your Attack

12 days ago

One has to wonder whether the misspelling is purposely done to attract attention or is a true misspelling of dementia. If you can not spell it correctly, how can you accuse a successful president who sidestepped a pandemic, kept a nation going during the pandemic, and has many other accomplishments over the past years.

Pennsylvania Billboard Claims Joe Biden Has Dementia, Spells It Wildly Wrong, – Newsweek

This is getting pretty wild as the naysayers are resorting to various attacks and have problems in making their points. And what did Trump do for the nation? Mainly he left a $2+ trillion deficit for the nation.

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Is the Economy Broken or Is It being Used?

13 days ago

What got me going to write this was reading a short blurb on The Lever about the economy. The transcript was provided and I read part of it. The content is all about supply chain which I was a part of for 40-something years. I find The Lever script (link below) interesting as it parallels my experience. It may be boring to you.

Some background

Nineteen seventy-four was a pretty good year for my wife and I. Finished college after three years with a minor in math and majoring in business. My sights were set on getting a degree in engineering until the bottom dropped out of the discipline. It did change after a few years. I had already changed course due to getting some advice from a VP of patents and trademarks. My wife worked for him and the

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Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima. Safe 4th of July Angry Bear readers and Writers.

14 days ago

In Pictures: The 4th of July Through the Years, by Luke Ryan, 4 July 2022, SOFREP

Clicking on the SOFREP link will take you to the site where you can get some history and more pictures depicting the 4th of July over the years. As an XMarine Sergeant I am hoping I am allowed to use this picture.

Have a safe 4th of July holiday Angry Bears. I will see you on Thursday.

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Hey, this is Not Short. A Ten minute Read. The History of Originalism. Dahlia Lithwick

16 days ago

One of my favs for legal stuff.

Supreme Court rulings on guns, abortion, Constitution: How originalism ate the law. (

by Dahlia Lithwick


America is being led astray by a small handful of folks who are drunk-driving on originalism—and not in a funny Marx Brothers, spin-around-in-circles-and-all-fall-down sort of way. No, it’s in a children-murdered-in-their-classrooms, women-hemorrhaging-in-parking-lots, environmental-and-health-regulations-destroyed kind of way. And that’s because the whole nation is currently lashed to a small, stupid, perpetually changing theory of legal interpretation variously known as “originalism,” or “textualism,” or “original public meaning,” or “history and tradition.” A theory that is—unless you

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Now he says the press is failing our democracy.

17 days ago

I put this in line for posting maybe today (Monday), asked Joel to look at it and offer an opinion on it, and was wondering if it had any consequence. By that I mean, the term fascism, fascist, etc. is becoming a popular term in people’s commentary, and is not a scary label when applied anymore.

The not so supreme court decided today, our last president is immune from any prosecution for his criminal activities. For all intents and purposes, he walks away from all responsibility of things he has instigated. This is the man, the person who instigated an attack on the capitol, to replace Joe Biden? Yeah, right . . .

He used to edit political stories at the Chicago Tribune. Now he says the press is failing our democracy, PressThink

“You don’t

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Supreme Court altered the way our federal government functions

17 days ago

Elena Kagan Is Horrified by What the Supreme Court Just Did. You Should Be Too.

by Mark Stern

SLATE Jurisprudence

This is part of Opinionpalooza, Slate’s coverage of the major decisions from the Supreme Court this June. Alongside Amicus, we kicked things off this year by explaining How Originalism Ate the Law.

The Supreme Court fundamentally altered the way that our federal government functions on Friday, transferring an almost unimaginable amount of power from the executive branch to the federal judiciary. By a 6–3 vote, the conservative supermajority overruled Chevron v. NRDC, wiping out four decades of precedent that required unelected judges to defer to the expert judgment of federal agencies.

The ruling is extraordinary in

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The Robert’s Supreme Court flips Chevron

18 days ago

What Chief Justice Roberts is saying is the justices know more than the scientists and engineers know. This was done in a decision which the agency experts immediately criticized. The issue being potentially undermining decisions by scientists and the very same agency experts.

The 6-3 and 6-2 decisions brought by fishing operators in New Jersey and Rhode Island challenged a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration rule. The court’s ruling overturned the principle known as Chevron deference.

Laughable, the court’s six conservatives reasoned courts “routinely confront statutory ambiguities” that have nothing to do with the authority of regulatory agencies. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority opinion.

“Of course, when faced

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Understanding the Responsibilities of Democracy

19 days ago

As usual and as expected (for me anyway), I pulled up Abdul – Jabbar to get his perspective on the first presidential debate between cough-cough x-president trump . . . a proven liar and President Joe Biden. I read the other blog sites and substacks that want me to pay to read them plus an ability to comment.

They are all clanging a 4-alarm fire. And why would I pay to comment there when I can do so at Angry Bear? Just some commentary between us all including the unsupported remarks.

Not all of the pundits, but many are suggesting Biden is done, done after producing the best economy over 4 years given two years of a pandemic. Kareem suggests we vote based upon their records and what they have done over 4 years and not decide based upon 60 or

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“lawsuits alleging that OxyContin sparked an opioid epidemic”

21 days ago

I have been writing on the Opioid epidemic for years. I was asked to write on it by some organizations. SCOTUS tossing the settlement may be due to the settlement releasing the Sacklers from any liability in promotion and the sale of Oxycontin, etc.

Supreme Court tosses opioid settlement worth billions for states, victims, USA TODAY and also at MSN.

Quick Note: For the settlement worth $billions, there was also a release of liability for the Sacklers.

“Purdue filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2019 to address its debts, nearly all of which stemmed from thousands of lawsuits alleging that OxyContin sparked an opioid epidemic that has caused more than half a million U.S. overdose deaths over two decades.”

A pill in a bottle does not cause

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The taxing difference, Biden’s is progressive. Trump’s is regressive

21 days ago

I am the recipient of Robert Reich’s commentaries which I have posted here on occasion. Mostly, this is to introduce other information which may differ than mine, to seek comments from people who read it, and to seek on topic comments here. It may seem like we are grouchy at times. Much of which is due to when some wander off topic or take other liberties which we may frown upon. The latest . . .

The taxing difference

by Robert Reich

Robert’s substack

Trump’s and Biden’s tax policies need more coverage because they’re opposites. Biden’s is progressive. Trump’s is regressive.

One of my goals in sending you this daily letter is to equip you with arguments and facts you need. This is especially true leading up to the 2024 presidential

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High Interest Rates Restricting Housing

22 days ago

An abbreviated portion of Preston Mui’s “Where High Rates are Restricting Investment,” Employ America. This portion of his economic commentary discusses housing and in particular Multifamily.

Preston Mui: The Federal Reserve has held rates at the current level for nearly a year. The majority of the committee appears confident that monetary policy is currently restrictive. From the perspective of their confidence, the question for monetary policy is how long rates will need to sit at this level of restrictiveness.

Despite the Fed holding rates at the highest level in over twenty years, the US economy remains strong: overall growth is robust and consumption is strong. The unemployment rate remains near historic lows. Neel Kashkari  makes the

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Five Men at Atomic Ground Zero

23 days ago

This popped up. What not to do on a sunny day in the Nevada desert.

The F-89 Fighter Fired ‘Mini’ Nuclear Bomb Rockets to Make Russia Freak,

A new design F-89J flying overhead was carrying a different and altogether deadlier payload. An approximate three-meter-long rocket with a 1.5 kiloton nuclear W25 nuclear warhead in its tip.  The rocket was designated MB-1 Genie, later renamed the AIR-2A, and popularly nicknamed the “Ding Dong.”

After a count-down, Captain Alfred Barbee triggered the rocket’s solid-fuel motor. The Genie shot forth, propelled to over three times the speed of sound during its two-second burn. Once fired Captain Alfred Barbee turned his F89 and hightailed it out of the area.

On the Ground below the detonation.

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“lowering out-of-pocket costs” number one health care concern

23 days ago

The International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans found employers are projecting a 7 percent hike for health care costs in 2024. Aon projected the average costs for U.S. employers paying for their employees’ health care could increase 8.5 percent to more than $15,000 per employee in 2024.

Voters remember the pain, not the gain

by Merrill Goozner


Here’s another problem for President Biden’s reelection team. In in policy arena that should be a strength for an incumbent who has lowered the uninsured rate to the lowest ever. When asked about health care issues voters are most concerned about, they choose rising health care costs, specifically, the rising sums they must pay out-of-pocket despite being insured.

The latest

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Moody’s Analytics; cooling inflation, economic growth of 2.1% v. an economic disaster

24 days ago

AB: I am not sure how Republicans will sugar coat Trump’s economic plans for 2025.

June 23, 2024

Prof. Heather Cox Richardson

Letters from an American

On Thursday, Moody’s Analytics, which evaluates risk, performance, and financial modeling, compared the economic promises of President Joe Biden and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump. Authors Mark Zandi, Brendan LaCerda, and Justin Begley concluded that while a second Biden presidency would see cooling inflation and continued economic growth of 2.1%, a Trump presidency would be an economic disaster.

Trump has promised to slash taxes on the wealthy, increase tariffs across the board, and deport at least 11 million immigrant workers. According to the analysts, these policies

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Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Bill Takes on Private Equity Milking Hospitals

27 days ago

Finally, someone of stature is taking a look at private equity acquiring hospital chains, milking their funds, and leaving a shell of what the original hospital was earlier. I am hoping Elizabeth Warren can force the issues with these take overs private equity takeovers. In the end, many communities depending on these hospitals are left without adequate healthcare services. Thy are forced to travel miles to get emergency and other care. I added 4 to 5 links to this commentary to backup my comments and also Eileen Appelbaum’s commentary

Warren’s New Bill Makes Private Equity’s Death Grip on Hospitals a Crime.

by Eileen Appelbaum

Center for Economic and Policy Research,

Private equity’s entrance into health care since 2000 has been

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Whether You Have One or Two Shots of Whiskey Occasionally, It Affects Your Health

28 days ago

The latest news? Do not drink.A shot of anything is generally 1.50 fluid ounces, which is 41.7 grams. Whiskey can range in proof, starting at 80 proof. Simple math and using 80 proof whisky (40% alcohol) yields 16.68 grams of alcohol. I am going to guess Bourbon is similar.

I got tired of reading the NYT article which is also on Yahoo and printed twice in the same column. I do not have leeway to current NYT articles. This JAMA Network Open study which also includes author Tim Stockwell is similar to what the NYT article is. It is stating the same thing. If you drink any form of liquid being whiskey or wine there is a of risk all-cause mortality. An increased health risk among female drinkers who drank 25 or more grams per day and among male

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Increasing manufacturing in May. Expectation is less in June due to FED Rate

29 days ago

May 2024 manufacturing report. Manufacturing was up in May after following two months of it being down in April and March. There is belief, manufacturing will be down in June as the FED did not reduce the FED Rate. I also suspect manufacturing will not take off in June. However, I believe it will be no worst then May. The demand is there. In order to meet demand, companies will stay within their budgets to manufacture. Unless there is a price increase which will fund them or increases in demand.

Personal point, I worked in supply chain and manufacturing all of my life. Further on down this piece, you will see a percentage quoted for total economy occupied by manufacturing. Ten percentage is unbelievable. Are we that much more efficient? Probably

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Swiss summit kick-starts Ukraine peace process

June 18, 2024

I have following the SWI for a period of time. When I get a newspaper, it makes for some interesting read. This particular article discusses a potential meeting of ninety countries. The peace process was initiated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky asking the Swiss to initiate such a conference. I can not imagine what he thought the outcome would be. Maybe it was to create the impression he and Ukraine were hoping to gain additional political support. Many of the countries would not give aid, Read on.

Swiss summit kick-starts Ukraine peace process

by Matthew Allen


The stage is set for one of the most difficult and important tests of Swiss diplomacy to date: finding global consensus towards a peaceful end to the

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Fastest wage growth over the last four years

June 17, 2024

Report on the impact from the expanded unemployment insurance, economic impact payments, aid to states and localities, child tax credits, and temporary protection from eviction amongst other measures as reported by the authors. These actions provided relief to workers and their families to help them weather the recession. These measures also fed the surge in employment, wages, and gave low-wage workers better job opportunities and leverage to see strong wage growth.

The graphs reveal the impact of the programs, The words detail the results So yes there is some reading involved besides the graphs. I minimized as much of it as possible without impeding the report’s integrity.


Fastest wage growth over the last four years among

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Amicus Presenting to Judge Aileen Cannon Next Week in the Trump Case

June 16, 2024

Taken from Joyce Vance’s Civil Discourse

I thought perhaps the argument going on in front of Federal Judge Cannon about Jack Smith’s appointment to prosecute XPres. Donald Trump might need some explanation. I am borrowing from Joyce Vance’s Civil Discourse as a subscriber. This is kind of a sideshow to the real issue of trump being prosecuted. The Defense is pulling from whatever pile of mud they have to disrupt and delay the trial to such time as he “might” be elected.

Attorney Joyce Vance of Civil Discourse: Judge Cannon took the unusual step of inviting lawyers on both sides of the issue who filed amicus briefs to participate in oral argument.  Matthew Seligman, who argue the statute is constitutional, join us to answer my questions about the

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FDIC: Number of Problem Banks Increased in Q1 2024

June 16, 2024

By Bill McBride

Calculated Risk, May 29, 2024

The FDIC released the Quarterly Banking Profile for Q1 2024:

Reports from 4,568 commercial banks and savings institutions insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) report aggregate net income of $64.2 billion in first quarter 2024, an increase of $28.4 billion (79.5 percent) from the prior quarter. A large decline in noninterest expense because of several substantial, non-recurring items recognized by large banks in the prior quarter, as well as higher noninterest income and lower provision expenses this quarter, contributed to the quarterly increase. These and other financial results for first quarter 2024 are included in the FDIC’s latest Quarterly Banking Profile released

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“We must not let our Rulers load us with perpetual debt”

June 14, 2024

Extract from Thomas Jefferson to “Henry Tompkinson” (Samuel Kercheval)

“I am not among those who fear the people. they and not the rich, are our dependance for continued freedom. and to preserve their independence, we must not let our rulers load us with perpetual debt . . . if we run into such debts as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries & our comforts, in our labors & our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor 16. hours in the 24. give the earnings of 15. of these to the government for their debts and daily expences; and the 16th being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal & potatoes.” – Thomas

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Too Many Young People Left Behind

June 14, 2024

The article as it stood was long and enduring. I do not believe many of the readers at AB would complete it. What I did is grab the intro and three graphs to make the point of, we are not doing enough to educate a workforce. Labor that can meet the demands of the future. The nation is failing a large percent of its younger population. through a lack of education and adequate funding to provide for it.

Ok, I said it three times. Hopefully, you read it. “Rewrite.”

Present Economic Conditions and Post-secondary Education

Typical college costs (including tuition and fees, room and board, and allowances for books and supplies, transportation and other personal expenses) range from $27,330 for public in-state university students to $55,800 for

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Trump met with a New York City probation officer

June 12, 2024

As the title says Trump met with a Court Probation Officer. A first for a president. The Probation Officer will assess him for resources, mental health, and criminal record. Trump’s attitude will play a part in this also. Hopefully. his attorney advises him to shut up. Which if he is smart, he will take the advice. Then again, he is of the opinion he will never go to prison.

It is interesting, first president tried in a state court, convicted, and now he will talk to a Probation Officer. Another first.

There is a balance here between Trump’s conviction and what Democrats led by Biden are doing in the nation to improve things for the people. I will let you read of those things in the text of Prof. Heather’s latest..

June 10, 2024

by Prof.

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US Oil Dealing Adds to Energy Dept. Coffers

June 11, 2024

[embedded content]
WSJ. President Biden’s unprecedented release of oil from the U.S. petroleum reserves in 2022 turned the White House into an unusually active player in the volatile crude market. The flood of emergency supplies helped arrest surging oil prices after Russia invaded Ukraine and pulled billions of dollars into the Energy Department’s coffers in the process.

Oil prices have sputtered since and allowed officials who sold high to start replenishing U.S. stockpiles on the cheap. The question that will echo from Washington to Wall Street in 2024 is how the Biden administration might finish off a trade many investors would envy. 

The Energy Department says it has already snapped up about 13.8 million barrels of crude, with accelerating

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Baltimore Bridge Reopens

June 11, 2024

It appears the wreckage from the bridge has been cleared away. This will allow container ships, etc. to use the channel in greater capacity to the port. However, getting across the bay will still take time as other routes will need to be taken by cars and trucks. I am sure there are a few angry comments being made as a result of the Dali taking down a major throughfare. Container ship reaching the Baltimore hrbor will resume.


As taken from, “Port of Baltimore shipping channel fully reopens,” CNN.

The Port of Baltimore’s shipping channel is fully operational again, response officials announced Monday. In case you forgot? More than two months ago, the container ship Dali into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, killing six construction

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FTC Rule Bans Business Noncompetes

June 10, 2024

I was never faced with a company rule or contract limiting me to work for a competitor or blocking me from using my knowledge to start a business. I did have proprietary knowledge on certain things. It just never dawned on me to use such. Something called being ethical and maintaining a good reputation.

At the same time, the company rule for noncompetes, etc. seems rather rigid and strict. Or a form of bondage where you are legally bound to a company until they say you can leave. No employment at will.

Noncompete ended as of April 2024.


FTC Announces Rule Banning Noncompetes

As of April 2024, the FTC’s final rule will generate over 8,500 new businesses each year, raise worker wages, lower health care costs, and boost

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Why You Should Always Tip In Cash

June 9, 2024

By Taylor Ann Spencer


Typically, when we go out to dinner at one of our haunts or a new one, we tip in cash. We do more than a 20-percenter if the service is good. We also like having the same waiter if the service is good. One way to gt them to remember you is the tip you leave. The cash tip is remembered and quickly goes into their pocket. Not sure what they claim. 🙂

Author Taylor Ann adds the advantages of a cash tip.


There are several reasons why cash tips are better for workers, including one most servers don’t even know about.

We live in an era of cash-free convenience. And we buy most things by swiping or tapping credit cards or holding our phones up to a screen. We prefer to tip our servers, bartenders, and

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Energy Required (measured in equivalent of Gal of gas) Needed to manufacture a new car

June 8, 2024

I have been looking around to see if I can find some commentaries addressing whether it make sense to swap out an efficient gasoline powered vehicle for an EV. There are not many of commentaries out on the internet. This is one of several I found and it speaks in terms of energy provided by gasoline. I am waiting on permission from one author.

I believe the topic of swapping to more efficient vehicles is worth the conversation. The person asking is specifying a new car. I suspect they are thinking of a Hybrid and not an EV.

Bill @ Angry Bear


Ask Mr. Green: How Much Energy to Make a New Car?

by Bob Schildgen

Sierra Club

Hey Mr. Green,

Approximately how much energy (measured in equivalent of gallons of gas) does it

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