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Jamie Dimon: You Make Us Embarrassed to be Americans

By William K. Black July 24, 2017     Kansas City, MO Jamie Dimon talked about his personal pain recently using the exact phrase that many of us have used to explain his personal anguish that “It’s almost an embarrassment to be an American citizen traveling around the world and listening to the stupid sh—t we have to deal with in this country.”  The Wall Street Journal’s “Market Watch” described Dimon’s fervor. “J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.’s outspoken CEO on Friday broke into an...

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Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp? William K. Black (A co-founder of Bank Whistleblowers United) March 20, 2017 The New York Times’ editorial board published an editorial on March 12, 2017, praising Preet Bharara as the “Prosecutor Who Knew How to Drain a Swamp.”  I agree … Continue reading → Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?

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Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Attempt to Make Tim Geithner a Hero

By William K. BlackFebruary 12, 2017       Bloomington, MN I am watching the film Too Big to Fail based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book of the same name.  It led me to check out the price of the used book, which has fallen to $1.02, which is low enough that I am willing to buy a copy of the book, particularly since not a penny will go to Andrew Ross Sorkin.  The financial analytics displayed in the movie and the book are so poor and dishonest that I need to have a copy by my keyboard as an...

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‘Two Million Felonies’: Will The Wells Fargo Scandal Finally Change Wall Street?

Nothing clarifies the mind of a bank board member than the loss of lucrative business deals. Wells Fargo’s CEO says he will pay a penalty for presiding over his bank’s fraud wave. Could stricter sanctions follow, perhaps even a criminal investigation? We spoke with William K. Black Jr., economist and white-collar criminologist, about the implications of the Wells Fargo case and the laws that might have been broken. Rest of the post is at Huffington Post. Read it here. Share this:

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Robbing Banks

NEP’s Bill Black appears on the Ralph Nader Radio Hour. Nowadays we have zero prosecutions of any of the people that led the three fraud epidemics that drove this crisis. And now they are highly skilled and have seen that they can get away with financial murder. And so they are already back in the business, already selling other toxic stuff and they’re going to produce the next crisis… You can listen to the podcast here. Share this:

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Mankiw Morality in a Mash Up with Mankiw Myths

By William K. BlackMay 8, 2016     Kansas City, MO N. Gregory Mankiw writes leading textbooks in economics that present neoliberal economic nostrums as economic “principles.” Mankiw wrote a column in the New York Times entitled “The Economy Is Rigged, and Other Presidential Campaign Myths.” The title reflects the central nature of his attack on Bernie Sanders explaining how the economy is rigged in favor of elite bank fraudsters.  This first column in a series responds to Mankiw’s myths...

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