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Post-Sraffian Terminology

Terms that include the word 'pattern' are my own creation, as inspired by my research program. The remainder are, as far as I am concerned, standard terminology, some of which you would be introduced to if you were taught price theory properly. (Most of what is in mainstream microeconomic textbooks is, at best, wrong.) The definitions are my own, although obvious inspired by my reading. Absolute rent: A price paid for a year's services for land under cultivation due to barriers to entry to...

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Some Kinds Of Rent

Special Cases in the Analysis of Rent TypeLandAgricultural ProcessesIndustrial ProcessesExtensive rentMultiple types of land, each of a given qualityFor a given type of land, one process producing corn is availableFor a given commodity other than corn, one process for producing it is availableIntensive rent properOne type of homogeneous landFor the given type of land, multiple processes are available for producing cornFor a given commodity other than corn, one process for producing it is...

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Financial Economics

This is a list of some of what I think one should know if one wants to talk to investors interested in theory. This post is not about making money and is probably not up-to-date. My references are fairly popular, and mostly old. I include one recent popular book as an example. Most of the references I do not recall very well, and I have not read Ben Graham. But many seem to know that Warren Buffet recommends this book. This post is non-critical. Keen and Quiggin in Debunking Economics and...

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