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Lawrence O’Donnell Aims at Buttigieg, But Hits New Democrats

William K. BlackDecember 16, 2019     Bloomington, MN On December 5, 2019, Lawrence O’Donnell made an impassioned attack on Pete Buttigieg on his “The Last Word” program on MSNBC.  Buttigieg’s statements criticizing the Democratic Party as historically soft on deficits enraged O’Donnell.  The context was Buttigieg’s effort to signal to New Hampshire voters that he was the most conservative Democratic candidate for the presidential nomination.  Nothing signals ‘responsible’ so well to...

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The Kurds, The Most Frequently Betrayed Group, Experience Trump’s Betrayal

William K. BlackOctober 9, 2019     Kansas City, MO The most betrayed people in the world are likely the Kurds.  They have the misfortune to live in a particularly violent region dispersed among five nation states – Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Syria, and Armenia.  They are a large ethnic group (the fourth largest in their region).  They are overwhelmingly Sunni.  Kurds have tried to be a nation, and the West betrayed them.  Kurds have tried to develop ‘home rule’ within the nation states they...

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Eric Holder is the Official Missing from Discussions of the Bidens’ Ukrainian Efforts

By William K. BlackOctober 7, 2019     Kansas City, MO Michelle Goldberg published an excellent column on September 30, 2019 “Trump’s Claims About Biden Aren’t ‘Unsupported.’  They’re Lies.”  It accurately describes Trump’s lies and his unlawful and unethical acts of trying to use the power of our government to induce Ukrainian and Chinese officials to smear his political opponents.  The House should cite those Trump lies as part of the basis for impeaching him. Rule No. 1:  No Freebies...

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The Terrible Cost of Politically Induced Hate of Minorities

By William K. BlackSeptember 23, 2019      Kansas City, MO Muslims and Jews in America and Israel share some common experiences.  In Israel and the territories Israel occupies, they are the targets of murderous hate from each other.  They have competing, horrid stories of mistreatment by other ethnic and religious communities and each other that go back over a thousand years. In the United States, the relationship between Muslims and Jews is vastly better, but mixed.  The American hate...

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Trumps Asks the Right Question, Provides the Wrong Answer

By William K. BlackSeptember 23, 2019     Kansas City, MO Since the Trump administration began, I have been making a series of predictions that any white-collar criminologist would find obvious.  I discuss three of those points in this article.  First, Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in our nation’s history.  Second, over time, only the sleaziest, most cowardly, and least competent mid and senior level officials would remain in power.  Third, Trump exemplifies the “Dark...

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Democrats Should Refuse to Continue to Support Stupidity and Cowardice

William K. BlackSeptember 15, 2019      Kansas City, MO A craven group of Democrats is furious with Beto O’Rourke for calling for the mandatory sale of assault rifles to the United States.  Reuters’ headline says it all:  “O’Rourke’s ‘hell yes’ vow to take away rifles worries U.S. lawmakers pushing for gun limits.”  Seriously?  Democratic lawmakers (who have adopted no meaningful federal law in response to tens of thousands of gun deaths and maiming) are upset because a prominent...

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