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If the consumer has nowhere else to go, they’ll pay whatever price is available.

3 days ago

A long and interesting read. And yes on paying the price.

Article by David and Lindsay on what is happening today with increasing pricing across the economy. You can experience it in just about every part of the economy.

Further on down this article the authors say, this is more about pricing than supply chain. I would say this is true. However, you can discern whether excess pricing can be justified by reviewing the supply chain costs. Not knowing those costs makes it easy for deception. Those costs are also not difficult to discern.

The Age of Recoupment

by David Dayen and Lindsay Owens

The American Prospect

The Federal Reserve chair’s semiannual monetary report to the Senate Banking Committee is not typically of great interest to

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Is your Big SUV Really Safe?

4 days ago

If you are driving a big behemoth SUV thinking you are safer, maybe you should think about another vehicle. Here are some results.

Logan Carter at Jalopnik gives us the break down. It is picked up in Quartz Business News.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) just released new crash test results for three full-size, three-row SUVs. The Ford Expedition, Chevrolet Tahoe, and Jeep Wagoneer were reviewed. These family haulers had varied crash test performances. Full-size SUVs are popular choices due to size and the perceived safety coming with size. Size alone does not necessarily equate to safety. According to the IIHS, the Expedition performed worse than 90 percent of all new vehicles in the small overlap crash tests. A video reflects

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A Conversation with Justice Sam Alito

4 days ago

Some background on Joyce Vance: Presently: Law Prof, MSNBC/NBC Legal Analyst, Podcaster Previously: US Atty, Fed’l prosecutor Always: Wife, Mom, Dogs, Cats & Chickens, Knitting

One has to wonder if Justice Sam Alito ever learned to shut up and not discuss what he believes in or his thoughts on the court. He gives all the wrong answers when he believes the person also agrees with what he thinks.

There is a take on Chief Justice Roberts too. Quite the opposite of Justice Alito. He gives the right answers and questions the person asking him whether they really wish him to take such actions. One could believe Roberts is virtuous and an unbiased Justice. Roberts suggests that putting the nation on a path to moral beliefs is a role of Congress. I do

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Gifts for Justices Explained in 3 Charts

5 days ago

This reads like a Christmas tree where people or children get to pull a tag off the tree and whatever it states is your gift. Except this tree is the tree that keeps on giving all year.

There are three charts in this Newsweek article which pictorially details the numbers of gifts and value of them to each Justice. At the end of this article is a link to an XCELL Spread Sheet which will give you the numbers and dollars associated with each justice. I do not have to explain to you who is the number 1 recipient. Look at the amount. Then begin to wonder why no other Justice or Chief Justice said a word.


Supreme Court: Gifts for Justices Explained in 3 Charts

by Joe Edwards


A view of the U.S. Supreme Court at sunset.

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Another Argument Favoring an Electric Vehicle Over a Gasoline Vehicle

5 days ago

It is difficult to argue against an electric vehicle when the efficiency is far greater. The only argument one could make presently is the sunk cost of your scrapping out your gasoline powered vehicle. There is no gain there and also no penalty if you keep it. The penalty of keeping it will come eventually.

And then there is the paying out of another $30,000 for a new EV plus infrastructure. I am not talking about a pickup truck EV either. Looking at a Nissan Leaf as an example.

Electric vehicles use half the energy of gas-powered vehicles

by Karin Kirk

Yale Climate Connections

As U.S. Electric Powered Vehicle sales rise, more cars than ever are using the electrical grid to power up. It would be reasonable to assume that means the grid

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What to watch on jobs day – revenge of the managers

6 days ago

AB: I tend to believe the Pandemic caused more economic upheaval than Wall Street blowing up the economy and Main Street paying for WS’s pennies on the dollar gambling with CDS, naked CDS, etc. in the derivatives market. More was made available in 2020 onward by the government to lessen the impact of the Pandemic. This softened the blow pf the Pandemic and the economic shutdown.

With the FED holding the reins on the FED Rate, timing is important as to when the rate will be lowered. Hopefully, it is soon.


Evidence of manager wage growth rising while typical workers’ wage growth slows . . .

Elise Gould

Economic Policy Institute

Over the last few months, there’s been much talk about the return to normal in the labor market. A

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Another Clarence Thomas faux pas

6 days ago

Taken from the “SCOTUS Blog” and originally published at “Howe on the Court.”

Usually if I am going to read about SCOTUS, I go to the SCOTUS Blog. There I find up to date information about what it is doing and what is left for it to decide upon. In 2024, there are some important decisions to be announced. I am surprised Alito has not dropped a few hints. “Howe on the Court” will join my list of reads.

One has to wonder how many more “oops I missed this occurrence” by Thomas. At what point does Roberts say “enough is enough?”


In financial disclosure Thomas adds two “inadvertently omitted” trips from billionaire Crow

Justice Clarence Thomas revealed on Friday that conservative billionaire Harlan Crow paid for two trips in

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The Urgent Need to Address VHA Community Care Spending and Access Strategies

6 days ago

Privatization Warning

by Suzanne Gordon and Steve Early

The American Prospect

When the Department of Defense (DOD) or U.S. intelligence agencies face a crisis, they often assemble a task force to conduct a review and recommend solutions. In response to cost overruns on care for nine million patients of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) recently convened such a high-level “Red Team.”

The panel of six health care leaders includes former VHA undersecretaries for health, ex-DOD officials with military health experience, and prominent health care system executives. The group conferred with VA leaders in Washington, collected relevant budget data, and pored over reams of peer-reviewed studies. It

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At Home With Tomorrow: A look back at prefabs in 1947

7 days ago

Following up Joel Eissenberg’s commentary “Is 3D printing the answer to the housing crisis?” with some history on prefabs as supplied by Lloyd Alter of Carbon Upfront.

A bonus from the archives, looking at the work of Carl Koch.

by Lloyd Alter

Carbon Upfront!

There has been so much news recently about how prefab could finally revolutionize housing. The Canadian government in particular has suggested that Prefabricated housing offers one solution to the supply crisis. Architects have been saying it for years; when a major prefab company went bust in 2008 I wrote a post, now deleted, about how long people have been saying prefab is the future of housing.. I found it in the Wayback Machine and republish it here:

While writing the obit

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Cooling? Or Red-Hot? Psst Labor Market

7 days ago

I am not going to put Preston Mui’s entire Labor Market Recap May 2024: Still Cool report from Employ America up on Angry Bear. Most of all, I wanted his summation of what he was seeing. He gives up his reasoning as to why the two surveys differ.

It is an easy read if you wish to indulge. He would probably appreciate the reading of his commentary like we at Angry Bear enjoy your reading it and comments. No place for comments. In entirety, it is a good read.

Labor Market Recap May 2024: Still Cool

by Preston Mui

Employ America

A lot has been made of the difference between the household survey and the establishment survey. If one looks at the household survey, the story is of a labor market that is strong in terms of levels, but progress

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Jobs Added, the Fed May leave Interest Rates unchanged?

8 days ago

I will probably have New Deal democrats’ commentary up on Angry Bear shortly. This arrived in my mailbox this morning. It would have been up much sooner for readers; except I am about three hours behind many of you. So, this is timely for me.

I agree with Robert Reich and have said what he is claiming as far as corporate control of price increases blaming supply chain is also economic manipulation. It is no surprise to me. Corporations did similar in 2008. There is not much you can do about it except remember and seek suppliers who are not so hungry for short term profits.

There are many Gordon Gekkos out there living for the moment and willing to sell integrity. Enough of the sermon.


The job machine keeps churning

But the

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Saving Rural Hospitals and Strengthening Rural Healthcare

8 days ago

Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform CHQPR

I started reviewing rural hospitals a little over a year ago. Not much has changed. These smaller hospitals lack for resource and manpower because of their budget restraints. Services they provide may not be covered by a patient’s fees. As a result, they are always battling their budget. If they are a part of the 340B program and close to a city, larger hospitals may buy them out and take the benefit of the 340B. What remains is a shell of the former hospital.

The following post is a brief rundown of what is need by these small hospitals. More later over the weeks.

Saving Rural Hospitals – Problems and Solutions for Rural Hospitals (

A good payment system for rural hospitals

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Rethinking Responsibility as Traffic become more Dangerous

9 days ago

Traffic was moderate. I was sitting at a red light on Hathaway Avenue waiting for the light to change. It changed when I was not looking. No horns honking at me. I was slow to make my left turn on to John Wayne Parkway. Just as I was going to move, a jacked-up pickup with oversized tires blew through the red light. Like wow, if I had moved when I was supposed to, there might have been a collision. He was in the middle lane and partially hidden from sight. Everyone else was stopped in the other lanes.

A few choice words and he said he made a mistake and apologized. This was not a vehicle braking. The speed limit is 35 mph if they are doing it. John Wayne also turns into State Highway 347.

There are a large number of crosses along the sides of

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The Case for the Proposition That the Macro-economic Soft Landing Continues, Uninterrupted; & Implications

9 days ago

In which I read Paul Krugman, & once again find myself arguing myself into believing that the Federal Reserve ought to have spent this spring cutting interest rates . . .

by Brad Delong

Grasping Reality Newsletter

AB: I receive some of Brad DeLong’s commentaries in my inbox. I read them and have not posted them because I feel guilty for doing so. The commentary (which includes Paul Krugman) if read carefully agrees with what some of us (which includes New Deal democrat) and you might believe may happen if The FED does not turn lose on interest rates. I agree with Brad. (and thank you Brad!)


The PCE—Personal Consumption Expenditures—is the Federal Reserve’s preferred price level and inflation measure. The big point is that

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The Increasing Firearms-Related Deaths among U.S. Black Rural Youths

10 days ago

There is a far greater detailed article at the New England Journal of Medicine. Angry Bear did not have the space to rightfully do the article justice. Instead, we concentrated on the letter to the editor written April 19, 2024. The article was published on May 30, 2024.

Just the brief letter to the editor is explosive. We did add chart S5 which gives a breakdown by region. I believe this better explains the concern by the authors of the Firearm death toll amongst black youth. Perhaps, SCOTUS has a cure for this?

Too many bullet-spewing weapons floating around in society. And too much time spent without school or work to go too.

Increasing Firearm-Related Deaths among U.S. Black Rural Youths

by Allison Lind, M.P.H., A.P.R.N.-C.N.P., Susan

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AZ Republicans to add ballot measure allowing warrantless arrests over immigration suspicions

11 days ago

By Camaron Stevenson

Copper Courier

Arizona Republican legislators trying to look good with passing laws having unconstitutional mandates (2010), do nothing, and/or have minimal impact.


Republicans move to add ballot measure allowing warrantless arrests over immigration suspicions

Republicans in the Arizona Legislature have approved a ballot measure supporters claim will address the fentanyl crisis despite the expanded police powers in the proposal doing virtually nothing to those who break trafficking laws.

House Concurrent Resolution 2060 will now be sent to the Arizona House for a vote. If passed, it will be added to the November 2024 ballot Arizona voters will be asked to approve the law. If it were to become law, HCR

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12 days ago

NOW THAT IT’S TOO LATE, “to do it the easy way.” Dale Coberly . . .

Notes on possible fixes after reaching “short range financial inadequacy.”

The Social Security Trust Fund is projected to run out of money by 2033. Possible fixes to fix the short fall in the Social Security Trust Fund.

first possible fix Wait until 2033 then raise payroll tax 4% (combined worker and employer tax rate). Most workers would only see a 2% raise.

This would fix SS essentially forever, because the projected shortfall in funding is 4% of payroll. It would be not the best fix because by 2033 the Trust Fund will run out of money and therefore will not be able to pay the interest that otherwise pays the one-half percent of payroll needed each year to make up the

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Student Loan Crisis Would Likely Worsen Under a Second Trump Administration

13 days ago

I have written about student loans or have added articles about student loans to Angry Bear here, here, here, here, etc, etc, etc. I go back years on the topic as well as Alan Collinge of Student Loan Justice does.

Politicians resist loan forgiveness claiming students are taking advantage of the system. It is a lie and many of the students have interest on loans which surpass the principal. I know of no bank or business loan which has such harsh actions or requirements on loans. The 2005 Act slammed the door shut on the remainder of student loans eligible for relief. Interest rates on loans should be held to 3% or less for all degrees.

Student loans should not be a money maker for the government or banks.

Both Alex and Algernon are giving

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US lost more than two local newspapers a week this year. Why?

13 days ago

I still like to read the news “pages” rather than hear the news. Turning a page is more thorough than watching 2-minute clips on TV news. It challenges and stimulates the mind also. If you want short, cheap, and incomplete state, national, and global news; then the TV is your answer. Reading the daily and weekly news will render far more accurate information. You will decide for yourself what is true or false while reading the detail.

US lost more than two local newspapers a week this year, new Medill report finds

by Angela Fu


The U.S. has lost more than 130 newspapers. Or 2.5 a week in year (2023), according to the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Since 2005, the country has lost nearly 2,900 newspapers and

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Battery Storage Growth to Fill Supply Gaps for States

14 days ago

Oil Price author Irina Slav has an interesting story up about California using battery storage of GWs to fill in the supply gaps during Summer electricity needs due to heat. Brief and a short paragraph taken from the article Rapid Battery Storage Growth Will Help California Avoid Blackouts This Summer.

California could avoid rolling blackouts this summer thanks to a fast buildout in battery storage capacity, the state’s Energy Commission said this week.

Since 2020, California has added 18.5 gigawatts of “new resources” as Bloomberg put it in a report on the news. These include 6.6 GW in battery storage capacity, 6.3 GW of solar generation capacity, and 1.4 GW of solar plus storage, the California Energy Commission said.

These should

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An update on USPS service performance in Georgia

14 days ago

Steve Hutkins of Save the Post Office giving an update on Louis Dejoy’s Delivering for America Plan.

The expectation has been to cut costs through minimizing operations by moving mail between regional centers and delivering to fewer Post Offices. So far in Georgia and in particular Atlanta, the plan has not been working as well as Louis expected. Instead of increasing efficiency, 1st Class Mail is late by days. Instead of decreasing costs, First Class mail has experienced significant price increases. Remember, mail delivery to all points in the United States on a timely basis was never meant to be profitable.


Mail delays continue to be a problem in Georgia. Service performance scores have improved since bottoming out in March, but

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Now a Convicted Felon

14 days ago

Been waiting for Joyce Vance to comment. And why? Bio Now: Law Prof, MSNBC/NBC Legal Analyst, Podcaster Before: US Atty, Fed’l prosecutor. Always: Wife, Mom, Dogs, Cats & Chickens, Knitting.

We are hearing from many people who simply refuse to accept the fact the man is an instigator of the attack on the capital, a briber of people to hide the truth, and threatens people directly or indirectly. A proven and convicted Felon. Perhaps, Joyce’s rundown will give you a better foundation as to why trump should be guilty, and brought to trial again for other crimes.



by Joyce Vance

Civil Discourse

Last night, Donald Trump posted on Truth Social that what happened to him wasn’t a prosecution. He called it a persecution. He was

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Another Administration Win in Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Lawsuits

15 days ago

By Sheela Ranganathan and Zachary Baron

Health Affairs

Introduction: This article is discussing the efforts of the pharmaceutical companies attempting to block Medicare and the government negotiations with them for pricing. Early on in the District Courts, the pharmaceutical companies are being denied standing. This is why I posted the article. The cases may still go to COA, in particular the 5th COA which has a reputation favoring locals and business against the federal government. It should get interesting. So far, the government is winning. A bit of a rewrite for easier reading.


With Medicare negotiations between drug manufacturers and the Biden Administration continuing to proceed behind the scenes, litigation to stop the

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“I’ve shown you who I am and Trump has shown you who he is

15 days ago

And today, Donald Trump is pandering and peddling lies and stereotypes for your votes so he can win for himself, not for you.”

No truer words can be spoken. Prof. Heather has an excellent take and explanation of the current situation. Reality verses the lies of trump.

May 29, 2024

by Heather Cox Richardson

Letters from an American

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris campaigned today in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They spoke at Girard College, a school where Black Americans make up most of the student body, where they emphasized the importance of Black voters to the Democratic coalition and the ways in which the administration’s actions have delivered on its promises to the Black community. 

“Because Black Americans

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Senators Oppose Georgia-Pacific Two-Step Process Avoiding Financial Responsibility

16 days ago

Having to file with the VA for issues resulting from being stationed at Camp Lejeune, I can see why such a maneuver by Koch Industries is frustrating. GP is attempting to avoid all responsibility. At least, the VA will hear you out. Then take their time deciding. One family friend (Marine) had to file three times before the VA accepted his claim. He died shortly afterwards.

Georgia-Pacific’s Asbestos Trust Fund Opposed by Senators

by Devin Golden

Mesothelioma Guide

A bipartisan trio of U.S. Senators issued a scathing statement opposing Georgia-Pacific’s attempt to file for bankruptcy, create a small asbestos trust fund to pay off claimants, and avoid lawsuits from people affected by asbestos exposure in their products.

This strategy is

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People Moving Farther Out from City Centers to Avoid Exposure to Pandemics

17 days ago

More People Moved Farther Away from City Centers Since Covid-19

by Lindsay Spell and Marc Perry


I guess people did not like the threat of catching Covid in crowded areas so they are going to the suburbs. Even if they are in less populous areas, they still will have to get the vaccines and distance themselves.


In a possible sign of the COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting impact, the country’s fastest-growing places are increasingly likely to be far-flung exurban communities on the outer margins of metro areas. This reveal according to July 1, 2023, population estimates released today.

Fewer of the fastest-growing places between 2022 and 2023 were inner suburbs than in 2019 before the pandemic. More were on the far

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Putin’s Casualties in the War with Ukraine

18 days ago

Daniel is based in western Europe where he teaches. Many of his students write essays which he posts from time to time. WE are allowed to answer his students as to the accuracy or thoughts of the essays.

I am sure the news he obtains about eastern Europe is far mor accurate than what we are getting in the US about Russia and its causalities.

Putin’s choice: 500,000 casualties

by Daniel Zetland

The one-handed economist

This figure shows Russian losses in Ukraine. The 500,000 figure is for casualties, i.e., dead and wounded. According to Perplexity, 100,000 -180,000 of these are deaths.

How do these losses compare to other Russian fighting?

The scale of Russian losses in just over a year of fighting in Ukraine already exceeds

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Bezos and Musk Vs. Workers

18 days ago

Memorial Day . . . I am sure everyone is out cooking burgers and hot dogs except in the desert where the temperature is triple digit. And what is this old Marine Sergeant gonna do? Certainly not get out in the heat.

I will drink a beer to honor the friends I lost and in the silence of my home. No parades, no John Wayne movies, just silence and thinking of the times I drank a beer with them.

Robert Reich has an interesting commentary up about Labor and the biggies trying to make them submit to their whims of less wages, no bennies, and never-ending demands by them. The egos rein. The best weapon against them is not to buy their products. Not that they would care. They would retire and snub their nose at you till we tax them and their

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The Failing Battle for Health and Healthcare in These All Too Disunited States

19 days ago

Tom Dispatch site commentary suggested by Dale Coberly . . .

Tom: It’s not complicated. This country, as TomDispatch regular and co-chair of the Poor People’s Campaign Liz Theoharis makes clear today, is simply unprepared — unprepared, that is, to keep all too many Americans even reasonably healthy and well. It matters little that this may be the wealthiest country on the planet . . .

The Great Unwinding

by Liz Theoharis

The slang definition of “unwinding” means “to chill.” Other definitions include: to relax, disentangle, undo — all words that, on the surface, appear both passive and peaceful. And yet in Google searches involving such seemingly harmless definitions of decompressing and resting, news articles abound

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Last Week in the Inland Empire …

20 days ago

By Ten Bears

Homeless on the High Desert

Mormon Militia Moves To Take Over Central, Eastern Oregon Government

Note that the link is to an article in The Guardian, a British publication that is to my observation the straightest, least bias / most honest reporting today. Bear in mind as you read these happenings out on the Oregon High Desert that people are reading about them in England, and around the English-speaking world

Sometimes when things click they really click, and can be a thing of beauty

This clicked with a chuckle at the ((( Greater Idaho ))) movement the other day, chuckling not just because my grandparents were State of Jeffersonians and what the spuds think is new isn’t new but because it became the basis for the

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