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May 24, 2022

Once again , PEF will be at the Canadian Economics Association (CEA) annual conference!We now have the official schedule for the 2022 CEA meetings to be held at Carleton University, Ottawa. The conference will be on-line Tuesday, May 31 and in-person Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4.Please note that in addition to the sessions below, the PEF annual general meeting (AGM) is on Saturday June 4 from 2 pm to 3:30 pm.. PEF sessions are below. The full CEA program is available at: .Tuesday 31 May 202211:30 am to 1 pm (online)PEF Panel: Heterodox Economics and Teaching Economic PrinciplesChair: Jesse Hajer (U Manitoba)Participants: Brenda Spotton Visano (York U), Rod Hill (UNB), Tony Myatt (UNB), Joelle LeClaire (SUNY Buffalo State), Jim

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Teaching macroeconomics as though Lehmans didn’t happen

September 17, 2018

September 15th marked the tenth anniversary of the fall of Lehman Brothers, destabilizing Western economies at levels not seen since the 1930s. It also marked the second week of fall classes, with many economics graduate students cranking through equations that define the discipline’s conventional macroeconomic models. With such names as New Classical, Real Business Cycle and New Keynesian, these models can all be traced to the rational expectations revolution of the 1970s, which sought to explain stagflation when the conventional Keynesian framework could not. The rational expectations approach attempted to provide more precise behavioral microfoundations than the Keynesian model by positing that economic actors can form expectations of future economic values, say inflation, such that on

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Winner of the 2018 Galbraith Prize in Economics: Jim Stanford

May 7, 2018

The Progressive Economics Forum is pleased to announce Jim Stanford as the winner of the 2018 Galbraith Prize in Economics.
The selection committee included Fletcher Baragar (Manitoba), Hassan Bougrine (Laurentian), Toby Sanger (Canadian Union of Public Employees), Christine Saulnier (CCPA-NS) and Kevin Young (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), and was chaired by David Pringle (PEF). Jim has accepted the Prize and will deliver the Galbraith Lecture at the Canadian Economics Association meetings at McGill University, Montreal on Saturday, June 2 (  Many thanks to our judges and to the Galbraith family.
Below is the nomination statement of Dr. Stanford by Marc Lee (CCPA-BC) and thirteen other signatories, which does a great job to summarize

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2018 PEF Student Essay Contest is Open!

April 4, 2018

The 2018 PEF Student Essay Contest is  open!
The deadline for submitting essays is quickly approaching: April 30, 2018.
Please use this  submission form  (fiche d’inscription concours).  You can download a poster (English ,  Francais) here — please help us out and post one in your department.
ELIGIBILE ENTRANTS? Open to all Canadian students, studying in Canada and abroad, as well as international students presently studying in Canada. All entrants receive a complimentary 1-year membership in the Progressive Economics Forum.? The definition of “student” encompasses full time as well as part time students.? Students eligible for the 2018 competition must have been/be enrolled in a post-secondary educational institution at some point during the period of May

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2017 PEF Student Essay Contest is Open!

December 16, 2016

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