Monday , June 14 2021
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Edward Harrison: Credit Writedowns

Marc Chandler discusses #Forex response to the recent CPI inflation data

Marc Chandler from Bannockburn Global Forex shares his thoughts on the response in currencies the USD and the stock markets following the CPI release this week. Bonds are also a standout for him. Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets for more than 30 years, including stints as the global head of currency strategy for both HSBC and Brown Brothers Harriman. Chandler recently joined Bannockburn Global Forex as a Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist in 2018. A...

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Chatting Forex, Macro, Monetary Policy and More with Marc Chandler @marcmakingsense

Looking for better insights on the markets? The Deep Dive is here to present you with SmallCapSteve LIVE!, a show focused on addressing the latest news in the small cap world. We cover everything from company specific news, to sector developments, to the macroeconomic events that impact the world of small cap stocks. We're upgrading our Canadian small cap coverage from written to visual, hitting investors with a double dose of market insights to provide a special look into just what's...

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Marc Chandler: Dollar To Remain Strong In The Short Run – The Daily Dive

Starting off the trading week on The Daily Dive is that of Marc Chandler, whom runs Marc to Market and is Chief Market Strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex. Marc joins us this afternoon to discuss his thoughts on the strength of the dollar and the impact of the expiring SLR exemption, as well as his take on the impact of coming stimulus on the economy and the topic of transitory inflation. Marc to Market is an internationally recognized financial blog, where Marc provides his insights on...

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George Magnus & Mark Chandler — A China Agenda For Biden

With a new American President and Administration there is an opportunity to recalibrate or fine-tune US strategy for China to reflect today’s reality. Over the course of three months leading experts from Asia, the EU, and the U.S. will converse with Polaris-Live host Sarwar Kashmeri about their thoughts re what should be key agenda items that they would propose to President Biden's team. This episode features George Magnus, UK based Research Associate at the China Centre, Oxford...

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TTT News Special – Marc Chandler

Meet Marc Chandler, the intuitive photographer and founder of Marc'd Images. He joined us to detail some steps along his journey to owning his business, including his original inspiration and some challenges along the way. All this as he sees himself evolving as an individual now actively taking part in our country's electoral process, and as a man of faith.

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