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Moving away from three-tier democracy

Is it possible to break out of the present three-tier democracy in France and more generally on a European and international scale, and rebuild a left-right divide centred on questions of redistribution and social inequality? This is the central issue of the current legislative elections in France. Let us first recall the contours of the three-tier democracy, as expressed in the first round of the presidential elections. If we add up the various candidates from the left-wing and ecological...

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Thomas Piketty w Krytyce Politycznej

Spotkanie w warszawskiej świetlicy Krytyki Politycznej prowadzi Sławomir Sierakowski. Książki Thomasa Piketty'ego, światowej sławy ekonomisty dostępne tutaj:

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Thomas Piketty on Why the World Keeps Getting More Equal | The Good Fight with Yascha Mounk

Thomas Piketty is one of the foremost economists in the world, renowned for his work on wealth concentration and inequality. The author of the bestselling Capital in the Twenty-First Century, his latest book, A Brief History of Equality, focuses on the ways in which the world has become more equal over the course of the last centuries. In this week’s conversation, Yascha Mounk and Thomas Piketty discuss why inequality has increased within rich countries over the course of the last few...

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The return of the Popular Front

Let’s say it straight away: the agreement reached by the French left-wing parties under the label of the “New Popular Union” is excellent news for French and European democracy. Those who see in it the triumph of radicalism and extremism have clearly understood nothing of the evolution of capitalism and the social and environmental challenges we have been facing for several decades. In reality, if we look at things calmly, the transformation programme proposed in 2022 is rather less...

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15/2022 #kirjakeskustelu – Thomas Piketty ja Charlie Munger

Kirja-aktivistien Mikon ja Juhan kuratoidut pointit viikon kirjoistamme tarjolle - ole hyvä 🎥📘🎧👇 A Brief History of Equality - Thomas Piketty ✅ Tämä on historiakirja, jossa tutkitaan tasa-arvon historiaa ja kirjan tarkoittama tasa-arvo on sosiaalista, taloudellista ja poliittista. ✅ Kirjan pääviesti on, että vaikka maailma tuntuisi kuinka epätasa-arvoiselta, niin se ei ole totta. Historian tutkimuksen valossa elämme kaikkien aikojen tasa-arvoisinta...

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