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Macron, the social and economic mess

Let’s say it straight away: Macron is in the wrong era and is wasting our time. He is applying recipes that are completely unsuited to the world of the 2020s, as if he had remained intellectually stuck in the era of the market euphoria of the 1990s and early 2000s, the world before the 2008 crisis, Covid and Ukraine. Yet the current context is one of rising inequality, hyper-prosperity of wealth and the climate and energy crisis. The urgent need is for investment in education and health...

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Debate entre Alain Badiou y el economista Thomas Piketty

En el presente video, se presenta un breve debate entre el filosofo Alain Badiou y el economista frances Thomas Piketty. En el debate se presentan toda una serie de argumentos por parte de Badiou a traves de los cuales busca profundizar en la idea propuesta por Piketty, y es el mismo Piketty quien personalmente responde a las observaciones del filosofo. Para Badiou comprender lo que es vivir, es fundamental para el desarrollo de las sociedades. Y , es evidente que la propuesta de Piketty...

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Emerging from the pension crisis

February 2023 may go down in history as the month when India became more populous than China, whose population is expected to be around 700 million by 2100 according to the United Nations, close to Europe. We could also focus on the earthquake that has just hit Turkey and Syria, in a region devastated by wars and oil interests, or on the consequences of global warming in Pakistan or the Sahel, or on the glaring inadequacies of sanctions against Russian oligarchs and support for Ukraine....

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On termine Thomas Piketty (Avec Xavier Delmas)

Le dernier podcast: Investissez avec BUX Zero (comme moi). Utilisez mon lien pour créer un compte et vous recevrez tous une action gratuite comme LVMH, Vivendi : Commencer avec RealT: Certains liens sont affiliés. Cela veut dire qu'ils permettent de soutenir la chaîne sans que cela ne vous coûte rien. Mon canal Telegram (des...

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Summary of Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty | Audiobook Sample

Get the full version of this audiobook: Summary of Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty Economics inequality, uneven concentration of wealth, and prospects of economic growth will stay amongst the top of the world's issues list. Modernization of economic growth as well as a more even spread of knowledge have played a great role in minimizing inequalities at least to a lesser extent than what Karl Marx predicted. However, the...

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