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[embedded content]Randall Wray on MMT. (About 40:55: Most economics is "fraud". Lots of ads.)Jason Blakely, Doctor's orders: COVID-19 and the new science wars, in Harper's Matias Vernengo of Bidenomics. Economists in Chicago cannot stomach the slightest dissent on antitrust. Mario Tronti, 24 July 1931 - 7 August 2023. A republished essay in New Left Review. Deepankar Basu, 2022. A Reformulated Version of Marx’s Theory of Ground-Rent Shows that there Cannot be any Absolute Rent. Review of Radical Political Economy 54(4) Saverio M. Fratini, 2012. A remark on intensive differential rent and the labour theory of value in Ricardo. Bulletin of Political Economy 6(2): 133-147. Saverio M. Fratini and Fabio Ravagnani, Sraffa and the 'slogans not used'. James Rehwad. I like satirical

Robert Vienneau considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Stavros Mavroudeas writes Call for Papers: 17th WAPE Forum, Athens 2-4 August 2024

Joel Eissenberg writes Vaccination works

NewDealdemocrat writes New Deal democrats Weekly Indicators for February 12-16 2024

Matias Vernengo writes On the possibility of a recession at the Rick Smith Show

Randall Wray on MMT. (About 40:55: Most economics is "fraud". Lots of ads.)

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