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LBJ, a man with gargantuan appetites and ambitions

I stole this comment from a place from I read on a regular basis. An Incredible commentary. Having grown up in that era, I felt it had merit and believe the commenter gets it right. The programs mentioned here are under attack by Republicans. SCOTUS is using nondelegation as the basis to dismantle programs. Congress did pass these programs, allocated funds to support the programs, and established the means for administration. A program can be...

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e pluribus pluribus

The defense against COVID-19 called for an all-out united effort. In times past, America would have risen to the challenge. Much of the failure to respond is attributable to the deep political divide that grips the country. A divide that was fostered and nurtured by the Republican Party for political purposes. (Yes, Judy, it is the Republican Party that is responsible) The coincidence of Trump’s election and the appearance of the virus was an...

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Congress Steadily Degenerating

Congress Steadily Degenerating  I doubt this will surprise anybody, aside from those who might have hoped that Dems retaking formal control of both houses of Congress, if by narrow margins (with that margin shrinking in the House due to the 2020 election).  But I have a more direct source for this conclusion. I received a visit today from my niece and her family at our house about two hours southwest of Washington.  She is Erica Werner, a...

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IPA’s weekly links

Guest post by Jeff Mosenkis of Innovations for Poverty Action. North Korea’s surprising, lucrative relationship with Africa (via Kim Yi Dionne) In an inexplicable lapse some congressional staffer has surely been punished for, the House Foreign Affairs Committee invited three eminently qualified women to testify about women’s empowerment in the developing world. Even more encouraging was that the hearing was titled “Beyond Microfinance.” Mary Ellen Iskenderian, head of the financial...

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