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For a global movement with a radical agenda – long interview in THE HINDU (its FRONTLINE magazine)

In this interview, the first to Indian media, Yanis speaks elaborately on the 2019 British election, Brexit, the E.U. crisis, the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the global financial crisis, rising ultra-national forces, the need for a progressive international movement, the DiEM25, rising inequality and the Greek crisis. How important is this year’s U.S. presidential election for the world? What were the...

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Tonight, with Brian Eno on DiEM-TV, to discuss SOCIETY AFTER COVID-19

DiEM TV welcomes you tonight  to the latest instalment intended to offer escape and hope in this time of confinement and frustration. Our pandemic had three effects on our political reality: It has magnified the never-ending crisis that began in 2008. It has proved that the government must and can act massively in the common interest. And tt has temporarily revealed the true nature of politics – which is the...

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What should the EU do NOW: DiEM25’s 3-Point Plan for averting a Covid-19 Depression

With Lives, Livelihoods and the Union on the brink, the COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest test of the European project in the history of the Union — and we are failing. Solidarity was meant to be a foundational principle of the EU. But solidarity is missing at the moment it is most needed. COVID-19 has revealed a fundamental truth: Europe is only as healthy as its sickest resident, only as prosperous as its most...

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Last night Julian Assange called me. Here is what we talked about

Last night, immediately after our first DiEM25 TV event, my phone rang. It was Julian. From prison. It was not that first time that he honoured me deeply by using the few phone calls prison allows him to make to call me. Like every other such occasion, when I unexpectedly recognise his voice a torrent of emotions comes flooding in. Guilt, primarily, at the thought that, the moment the line is disconnected, he...

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Monetising misery & the future of capitalism – ABC Radio National, BIG IDEAS program

[embedded content] Enormous global corporations and financial institutions are now, some say, more powerful than governments. Rules that once constrained and regulated capitalism have gone. And when their power causes massive destruction, the captains of Big Capital find ways to profit from the destruction. So, is modern capitalism, itself, a threat to capitalism? Or will corporations always...

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The Eurogroup fails Europe once again. Brace for a hideous EU recession

The Eurogroup met yesterday, Monday 16th March, to hammer out its coordinated fiscal response to the massive recession already in progress following the lockdown of much of Europe’s society. The task they faced is enormous: If sales, tourism, services etc. fall by 50% for just one month (which is certain), and then by 25% for only two more months (i.e. the best-case scenario), then annual growth will be -10%....

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