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Honey, I’m Home

What if someone told you that one man from one mega law firm chose the last three appointees to the U.S. Supreme Court? In a new book, ‘Servants of The Damned’, David Enrich did just that, and much more. That one man was Don McGahn; the law firm, Jones Day. The suggestion leading to his being enabled to do so came from one Sen. Mitch McConnell. McGahn, a super lawyer from a powerful law firm with a right-wing agenda (better yet, a federalist Society...

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A Liars Guide to Becoming a SCOTUS Justice

As taken from; “Brett Kavanaugh shows how to lie your way onto the U.S. Supreme Court” (azcentral.com), EJ Montini ~~~~~~~~ The Sisters of St. Joseph, who rigorously guided me through parochial grade school, appear to have been misinformed during their considerable Bible studies on what, exactly, constitutes lies. The nuns told us – and this was later backed up by several priests during my required weekly trips to the confessional – the...

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Commonwealth Citizen loses Federal Benefit Available in Other Countries

Was thinking about this one and Dale Coberly asked if I would write on this. For “Arne,” this post is about Supplemental Security Income. 🙂 How can that be? “The Supreme Court’s Callous Blow to Puerto Ricans” | Washington Monthly The majority opinion relies on precedent, Puerto Rico is part of the U.S., Congress. Congress does not have to treat it as a real part of the nation. Puerto Rico citizens do not pay federal income tax. Apparently,...

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