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Living with Republicans and Republican Politics

For twenty-something years, I was in Livingston County and living with Republicans and Republican politics. It is not easy being a Democrat there. If it was not for the stupid things many Republican constituents say, it would have been downright difficult if they had a brain. They kept pitching down the center with their remarks and I kept hitting homeruns on Facebook and in replies locally. Some background; Livingston County population makeup...

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Today’s math challenge: Less than 50% of the vote but 72% of the seats

On Morning Joe today, they interviewed Senator Mallory McMorrow. She mentioned toward the end (around 8:02 minutes in) that in 2014 the Republican party had less than 50% of the vote. However, they had 72% of the seats. Unfortunately, it was toward the end and no one’s ears perked up upon hearing this. She notes it will not get any better unless they are voted out of office. At Crooks and Liars today is a post of James Carville suggesting that...

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