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Dean Baker is a macroeconomist and codirector of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC. He previously worked as a senior economist at the Economic Policy Institute and an assistant professor at Bucknell University. He is a regular Truthout columnist and a member of Truthout's Board of Advisers.

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The Engine Room | Phoenix Racing

We sit down with the master behind the Phoenix Racing engines, Dean Baker. Between building engines for the ATV, SX, and GNCC Phoenix riders, Baker had time to give us an inside look at the engine room at the Phoenix Racing headquarters. Click play and check it out!

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Hurtless – Dean Lewis (Acoustic Cover by Jonah Baker)

Dean Lewis – "Hurtless"
Acoustic Version by Jonah Baker

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Inflation Today: Economists Joseph Stiglitz, Dean Baker, and Jason Furman Discuss US Inflation

On March 3, 2022, the Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), along with the Roosevelt Institute and the Columbia University Initiative for Policy Dialogue, convened three leading economists to look at some of the major issues relating to current inflation in the United States:

What are the risks that elevated inflation will be an ongoing problem?
What are the prospects for the living standards of the majority of Americans going forward?
What is an appropriate macroeconomic policy response?


Dean Baker is Senior Economist at, and co-founder of, the Center for Economic and Policy Research, and the author of the award-winning book Getting Prices Right: The Debate Over the Consumer Price Index.

Jason Furman is Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy at the Harvard

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Teacher Dean intro

Here is a video submission I made in order to teach kids English. Short, sweet and educational! Leave a like if you enjoyed it.

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Showcasing Yourself with Judy M Baker, Dean Hankey & Jeff Klein – Insights, Goals & Tips

This week on#GoalChatLive Judy M Baker (Book Marketing Mentor), Dean Hankey (Marketing Magician), and Jeff Klein (Business Speaking Sherpa) join host Debra Eckerling to talk about Showcasing Yourself.

The threesome – who are fans of speaking for showcasing yourself – share the origins of their "monikers," advice for standing out, and more. 

The bottom line: You can only share what you know – and how you help – if people know who you are. To take it even further, according to my guests, "If you have the answer, you have the obligation to share the solution."

To be successful:
– Judy: Develop relationships
– Jeff: Share your best stuff and tell people how they can hire you
– Dean: Add value that generates impact and then profit  

How to Stand Out When Speaking
– Jeff: Claim your

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What’s causing inflation?

Since the COVID pandemic, the United States and other countries have faced challenges in terms of economic recovery. This has resulted in issues such as supply chain disruptions and what has been reported as high rates of inflation. What is inflation? What is causing high inflation? Doug Becker speaks with Dean Baker.

Dean Baker is an economist and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Research Policy. He is the author of The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive.

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Let’s Clear Up the Corporate Disinformation Around Infrastructure, Shall We? Dean Baker Joins

Julianna welcomes back recurring guest Dean Baker, Macroeconomist and co-founder of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, to discuss how the continued media disinformation around the BBB Act and reconciliation bill, and the economic effects of both, has been staggering. For example, how earlier this week Representative Malliotakis of Staten Island was on the news giving credit to Trump for laying the groundwork for the infrastructure bill that just passed. Insane!
Dean Baker co-founded The Center for Economic and Policy Research in 1999. His areas of research include housing and macroeconomics, intellectual property, Social Security, Medicare and European labor markets. He is the author of several books, including Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were

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actNOW with Julianna Forlano: When & How The Economy Will Feel The Infrastructure Bill w/ Dean Baker

WHEN WILL WE FEEL THE EFFECTS OF THE INFRASTRUCTURE BILL? Julianna and economist Dean Baker talk media disinformation around the BBBA and about how and when Biden’s economic policies will be felt by everyday people. There’s some bad news and good news in there. We also discuss the supply chain issues. Dean even tells us what to do to win out in this new car/used car atmosphere!
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USU College of Science Fall Convocation Speeches

USU College of Science Fall Convocation was held virtually on Sept 30, 2021.

Fall Convocation donor and alumni speaker Dr. Willy Lensch ’91 benefited from a scholarship, when he was an undergrad. In his brief talk, Willy, who recently left a position as strategist for Harvard Medical School and now serves as an associate provost for Harvard’s research office, describes challenges of the past year in coordinating a multi-institution pandemic response effort. He likens those demands to challenges we all face, and urges us to take a step in helping others: “You just need to begin.”

College of Science student award recipients were represented by undergraduate student speaker McKenna Rich and graduate student speaker, Morgan Christman.

▬ Contents of this video ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

0:00 – Intro

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We Need Alternatives to Cryptocurrency — Dean Baker

Economist Dean Baker discusses China’s new ban on cryptocurrency transactions and looks at the pharmaceutical industry’s ironclad grip on American politics.

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Will Workers Have More Power After the Pandemic? — Dean Baker

Economist Dean Baker looks at whether the ongoing labor shortage signals a positive shift for workers, and discusses the national debt and the fight over the reconciliation bill.

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Dean Baker: A Libertarian Myth & the Price of Patent Greed

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Welcome from Dr. Donald Baker, Dean of Hospitality and Tourism programs I Niagara College – Toronto

Welcome to Niagara College – Toronto. This week, we interviewed Dr. Donald Baker, Dean of Business and Hospitality for the Niagara College – Toronto Programs. Dr. Baker has been involved in higher education for at least 60 years and he is extremely excited by the partnership between the Toronto School of Management and Niagara College.

Dr. Baker said, "This partnership is an innovative way to bring people into the country. International students can earn a Canadian educational credential and hopefully, they will find a job as a result of the job-oriented programs that we are offering."

Dr. Baker added, "What we need is people who know how to make things work and we do our best, both in the classroom and in supplementary services, to achieve those goals."

For students coming to Niagara

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