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I’m Frances Coppola, writer, singer and twitterer extraordinaire. I am politically non-aligned and economically neutral (I do not regard myself as “belonging” to any particular school of economics). I do not give investment advice and I have no investments.Coppola Comment is my main blog. I am also the author of the Singing is Easy blog, where I write about singing, teaching and muscial expression, and Still Life With Paradox, which contains personal reflections on life, faith and morality.

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This Economist Doubts We Will Have A Recession, But Crypto Has More To Lose | Frances Coppola

Frances Coppola is a financial economist, author, blogger, and former banker. You might have seen Frances in our weekly Macro Monday live shows. In this episode of the Wolf Of All Streets podcast, Frances explains why the housing market won’t collapse as it did in 2008, why she believes we will not see a recession, and what will happen to Bitcoin and crypto.


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Macro Monday: Recession, Rates, Inflation, Crypto | Frances Coppola, Mike McGlone, Dave Weisberger

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Macro Monday special guests:
Frances Coppola, Financial economist: https://twitter.com/Frances_Coppola
Mike McGlone, Senior Macro Strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence: https://twitter.com/mikemcglone11
Dave Weisberger, CEO of CoinRoutes: https://twitter.com/daveweisberger1


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Cutting Taxes Could Stop Inflation With Frances Coppola

Tune in to hear my latest podcast, "Cutting Taxes Could Stop Inflation With Frances Coppola" and please like, subscribe, and comment down below. Don’t forget, you can always listen to Lead-Lag Live on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, YouTube, and all your favorite platforms.

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How Banking & Money “Printing” Actually Works | Frances Coppola

On today’s edition of "Boiler Room," Alfonso Peccatiello is joined by Frances Coppola to explain today’s banking system and debunk the theory that money is "printed".

Frances discusses the creation of money in the modern economy and how the money supply expands and contracts. We then explore the bank lending process, a bank’s equity and what almost everyone gets wrong about bank reserves.

Does government fiscal spending increase the money supply or just recycle it? Are bank reserves lent to other borrowers? What components comprise the total money in circulation? Tune in to find out!

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Economist Frances Coppola struggles to find a positive in mini-budget

Economist Frances Coppola struggles to find a positive in the mini-budget: ‘The first thing we’ve seen is a pretty massive sell-off in the pound because the international market doesn’t like our currency any more, they think it is going to inflate.’

This video clip is from an LBC show presented by James O’Brien on 23/09/22

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Economist Frances Coppola struggles to find a positive in mini-budget | James O’Brien

Economist Frances Coppola struggles to find a positive in the mini-budget: ‘The first thing we’ve seen is a pretty massive sell-off in the pound because the international market doesn’t like our currency any more, they think it is going to inflate.’

This video clip is from an LBC show presented by James O’Brien on 23/09/22.

#JamesOBrien #MiniBudget #LBC

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Shelagh Fogarty’s latest show:

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Economist Frances Coppola struggles to find a positive in the mini-budget

Economist Frances Coppola struggles to find a positive in the mini-budget. ‘The first thing we’ve seen is a pretty massive sell off in the pound because the international market doesn’t like our currency anymore, they think it is going to inflate.’ casawary bird @casawarybird tweeted ‘Fantastic prog this morning.Thank you. Can you come up with a new slogan instead of The Poor (which isn’t useful & is an untrue representation of inequality) Need to change the onus. eg ‘The Rich & the rest of the country’ Something which more reflects the equality divide?

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The People’s Quantitative Easing – with Frances Coppola

Frances Coppola is a former banker, an economist, and blogger who wrote a book called ‘The Case for People’s QE’, which you can buy here:


We chatted about the book and about monetary policy in-depth.

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Lead-Lag Live: Cutting Taxes Could Stop Inflation With Frances Coppola

A crazy world sometimes requires crazy ideas.

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The content in this program is for informational purposes only. You should not construe any information or other material as investment, financial, tax, or other advice. The views expressed by the participants are solely their own. A participant may have taken or recommended any investment position discussed, but may close such position or alter its

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The Blind Spot | Episode 3: From Scottish free banking to Voyager crypto (w/Frances Coppola)

In this episode we are joined by Frances Coppola, a noted freelance commentator on financial markets and crypto, to discuss the failure of crypto lender Voyager. We also ponder what Scotland can learn from the failings of major stablecoins.

2:45 – the crypto collapse chronology
6:30 – Three Arrows
10:00 – Is it 1907 or 1996 in crypto
13:00 – How Sam-Bankman Fried is the new JP Morgan.
18:30 – Nothing new under the sun
21:00 – Crypto’s one utility is being a financial flight simulator
27:00- Michael Saylor’s mortgage your house to buy bitcoin advice
34:00 – Crypto’s Big Bang equivalent
38:00 – Old money vs New money
40:00 – Florida is the new financial centre of the world
45:00 – Voyager’s unwinding
50:00 – How FDIC insurance actually works
1:05:00 – Scottish freebanking

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Can Europe’s Economy Handle Russian Sanctions? | Frances Coppola

Frances Coppola, Economist, Author & banking expert, joins Forward Guidance to give an update on how the West’s new sanctions on Russia are playing out. Coppola explains how key commodities such as Russian natural gas and oil continue to flow to Western countries, and she makes an impassioned case for why a ban on Russian energy is necessary to thwart the imperial ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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BCB is Europe’s leading provider of business accounts and trading services for the digital asset economy. With a dedicated focus on institutional payment services, BCB Group provides

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How money actually works with Frances Coppola

Frances Coppola is the author of "The Case for People’s Quantitative Easing" and she really understands the inner plumbing of the financial system. As a Bitcoiner, I’m always trying to learn more about how money works. Frances has been very helpful on Twitter, explaining complex concepts to me. I’m excited to dig into it with her at a 101 and maybe a more advanced level.

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Frances Coppola: Inflation, the ECB’s Unique Monetary Policy, and the Outlook for Eurozone Economy

On this episode of Inside The Markets, StockPulse.com sits down with Frances Coppola, an independent economics writer at Coppola Comment. Frances used to work for banks. Now she writes about them, as well as economics and finance. Her work is regularly featured on the Financial Time’s Alphaville blog, and has also been quoted in The Economist, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Guardian, as well as the BBC. In this episode of ITM, she breaks down the ECB’s unique monetary policy, a dictatorship and captured central bank in Turkey, as well as what happens to the Eurozone if the German economy catches a cold.

Find more of our expert interview series, Inside the Markets, at https://www.stockpulse.com/Media

✔️ Drill down deeper into the hottest commodity news, research, and

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Reading Frances Coppola: Central Banks Can Fight Climate Change [Macropiece Theater, Ep. 173]

Corporate QE amounts to a subsidy to large corporations, corporations that use the money to buy back shares and give big bonuses to executives. It would be far better for central banks to support small businesses and new ventures, particularly those pursuing solutions to climate change. A reading, by Emil Kalinowski.

Frances Coppola, author of the 2019 book "The Case For People’s Quantitative Easing", is a financial writer and blogger who appears regularly in Forbes and The Financial Times. Read by Emil Kalinowski. Art by David Parkins. Intro/outro is "Alegro" by TAGE at Epidemic Sound.

How central banks can fight climate change: https://bit.ly/3leXPcp

Frances’ Book: https://bit.ly/3paVVe3

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BVNK Interview: Frances Coppola on Crypto Regulations

Will the regulation of Crypto help or hinder the industry?

Economist and CoinDesk contributor, Frances Coppola, tackles the big question in this BVNK interview segment.

We set the standard for global digital asset financial services.

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‘Stability and Growth Pact and fiscal compact really are not fit for purpose’ Frances Coppola

As part of ‘Fiscal Matters’, which brings together social, environmental, civil society and academics to discuss the future of Europe’s fiscal policy, Frances Coppola, financial economist, author and blogger spoke about the optimal fiscal and monetary policy mix. We caught up with her after the event.

EU Reporter: Do we have the right balance between monetary and fiscal policy at this moment?

FC: At this moment, I think that governments and central banks are getting it about right in terms of monetary and fiscal policy, we’ve ended up because of the pandemic, in a paradigm where governments are doing whatever it takes to support their economies, just to keep people alive, to enable businesses to survive. Central banks are doing two things. First of all, they are stopping markets

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Who & What caused the Titan Finance and Iron "Stablecoin" Collapse. With Frances Coppola

#Titan #Iron #Titanfinance
The Iron "stablecoin" which was 75% backed by USDC and 25% backed by the native token Titan lost its peg and due to a collapse in the value of the Titan price with it going to zero. Huge sums of money were lost in an instant and many different theories have been thrown around about what happened and who caused the crash. We talk to Frances Coppola to find out what likely went on behind the scenes.

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Are you most people?

Titan FInance

Not financial advice, just our opinion based on all the evidence.

Frances Blog on Iron/Titan

Medium Article:

Crypto.com Revolut of Crypto $25

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USDT Everything You Need to Know about Tether with Frances Coppola

USDT Tether have to report assets to the New York Attorney General today. We chat to former banker, economist, author and all around lovely lady, Frances Coppola( @frances_coppola ) about the issues surrounding Tethers asset portfolio and what the wider implications of the Crypto markets reliance on USDT and how a run on Tether would play out.

0:00 Intro
0:33 Brief History
1:09 How USTD was meant to be
3:41 Issue with reserves
13:24 The role of exchanges
16:31 Debunking the ‘reserves are better than banks’ argument
19:34 New York Attorney General Report
21:03 The close relationship between Tether and exchanges
23:26 What does a run on Tether look like
29:33 Crypto and Traditional Finance love-in

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Jimmy Song VS Frances Coppola Debate – BlockDown 4.0

One of the highlight sessions from the BlockDown 4.0 event saw the epic Future of Money Debate with Jimmy Song vs Frances Coppola!

Grab your favourite snack and enjoy!

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Frances Coppola Goes on Unprovoked Tirade Against Celsius Network! #CelsiusNetwork #CeFi

Frances Coppola is a CoinDesk columnist and a freelance writer and speaker on banking, finance and economics who recently went on a Twitter "Tirade" against the CeFi crypto service, Celsius Network. Coppola strongly argued that Celsius Network was utilizing fraudulent banking and financial practices in their actions as a CeFi company. Coppola was never aggrieved by Celsius Network or their community, known as the Celsians, before this discussion on Twitter today. In this video, the situation is analyzed from an objective viewpoint to try and discern what Coppola’s purpose was in conducting this tirade today. Why did Coppola not attack BlockFi, Nexo, Gemini Earn, Coinbase (with their lending by using crypto as collateral) or even Voyager (a great Celsius Network partner)? Is she backed up

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