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Darwin, Evolution, and Human Gender Differences (or Darwin the Evil Sexist!)

3 days ago

To see the abominably ignorant and crazed science-denying state of our civilisation, you need only look at this interview of Jordan Peterson:[embedded content]This stems from the insanity caused by the Liberal/Leftist cult of blank slateism, social constructivism, and the denial of biological reality and even basic principles of Darwinian evolution.Let us run an experiment, and go back to what Darwin said about biological differences between men and women caused by evolution.Charles Darwin – the discover of evolution by natural selection – wrote a book called The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871), and a second edition of the book was published in 1874. I quote from the second edition.Chapter 19 is called the “Secondary Sexual Characters of Man.” In this chapter,

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Noam Chomsky on the Blank Slate

8 days ago

From his Language and Problems of Knowledge: The Managua Lectures (1988):“The evidence seems compelling, indeed overwhelming, that fundamental aspects of our mental and social life, including language, are determined as part of our biological endowment, not acquired by learning, still less by training, in the course of our experience. Many find this conclusion offensive. They would prefer to believe that humans are shaped by their environment, not that they develop in a manner that is predetermined in essential respects. I mentioned earlier the remarkable dominance of the behaviorist conception that language and other aspects of our beliefs and knowledge, and of our culture in general, are determined by experience. The Marxist tradition too has characteristically held that humans are

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Sargon of Akkad goes Full SJW Retard

14 days ago

And also mixed in with a good portion of libertarian/Classical Liberal retard too.At this point, it is difficult not to lose all respect for Sargon. For years, he did sterling work refuting and countering all the nonsense of the SJW Left, but now seems to have fallen into – or at least been forced to throw up – Cultural Leftist nonsense. All this has happened because of his picking a fight with the Alt Right. Unfortunately, Sargon isn’t intellectually up to debating such people, and it is not just his lame Classical Liberal individualist rubbish that is the cause of this. Sargon is also ignorant of science.In a recent debate with Millennial Woes below, Sargon is forced to invoke social constructivist idiocy and, yes, literally goes full SJW, and asserts that white people are just a

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Steven Pinker on the Alt Right

16 days ago

See Steven Pinker’s remarks here:[embedded content]Pinker is right. Our society has become so insanely politically correct that asserting basic empirical truths is now hate crime, and many people do not even know these facts at all, and when confronted with them are shocked.Take the issue of biological differences between men and women, especially differences in the distribution of female versus male IQ, as I have discussed here. These facts about IQ and the biologically-determined physical, cognitive and personality differences between men and women explain why women do not have much interest in the hard sciences, or any great presence in that field. Instead, the field is dominated by men, just as men dominate sectors of the economy where hard physical labour is required, and this is

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Myths about Hunter-Gatherers

28 days ago

The myths about hunter-gatherers are exposed in this excellent article:William Buckner, “Romanticizing the Hunter-Gatherer,” Quillette, December 16, 2017 points out that many of these myths were first promulgated in a conference called “Man the Hunter” (held at the Center for Continuing Education, University of Chicago, from 6–9 April, 1966) in a paper by Richard B. Lee (Lee 1968) on the !Kung people of the Kalahari Desert (also called the Bushmen or the San people). Lee’s (1968) work was taken up by the anthropologist Marshall Sahlins in his book Stone Age Economics (1974) (2nd edn. Sahlins 2004), in which he called Stone Age hunter-gatherers the “original affluent society.”This idealised view of hunter-gatherer

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Charles de Gaulle’s Hate Speech

December 19, 2017

Charles de Gaulle – leader of Free France (1940–1944), head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic (1944–1946) and President of France from 1958–1959 – had a serious problem with hate speech. From a speech General de Gaulle gave on 5 March, 1959:“C’est très bien qu’il y ait des Français jaunes, des Français noirs, des Français bruns. Ils montrent que la France est ouverte à toutes les races et qu’elle a une vocation universelle. Mais à condition qu’ils restent une petite minorité. Sinon, la France ne serait plus la France. Nous sommes quand même avant tout un peuple européen de race blanche, de culture grecque et latine et de religion chrétienne. …. Les Arabes sont des Arabes, les Français sont des Français. Vous croyez que le corps français peut absorber dix millions de

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The Cultural Left is an International Joke

December 6, 2017

Over in China, where they have an ancient and healthy civilisation and culture, the Chinese recognise the stupidity, ignorance, hypocrisy, and suicidal insanity of the Western Cultural Left:[embedded content]The Chinese are laughing at us as we destroy our civilisation because of the policies demanded by the multicultural, self-hating, cancerous Cultural Left, policies which, these days, are also often strongly supported by the equally disgusting mainstream multicultural Conservatives (who simply combine Cultural Leftism with free market economics).

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Bibliography on Post Keynesian Economics (Updated)

December 2, 2017

The updated bibliography below provides a list of the most important books and articles on various topics within Post Keynesian economics.It is divided into the following sections (and there are now links to each section):(1) Introductory Studies(2) Advanced Overviews and Specialised Studies(3) History of Post Keynesian Economics(4) Methodology(5) Uncertainty(6) Endogenous Money(7) Fiscal Policy(8) Inflation(9) Price Theory(10) Trade Theory(11) Against Wicksellian Loanable Funds Theory(12) Kaldor’s Growth Laws and Verdoorn’s Law(13) Thirlwall’s Law(14) Cambridge Capital Controversies(15) On the Work of George L. S. Shackle(16) On the Work of Hyman Minsky(17) Bibliography of Nicholas Kaldor’s Work(18) Alfred Mitchell Innes and the Credit Theory of Money(19) On the Work of Paul

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The Sweden Democrats tell the Truth about Sweden

November 27, 2017

Turn the English subtitles on and see:[embedded content]It is important to remember that it wasn’t old-fashioned Swedish social democratic economic policies that did this to Sweden.Instead, it was the insane Third World mass immigration policies that have imported over a million people into Sweden (whose current population is only about 9.85 million people) who will not assimilate, who create No Go Zones, who have higher per capita rates of crime, and who, if the immigration policies are continued, will drive the country into social and economic collapse, and then civil war, and perhaps even into outright fascism before the mid-21st century. And the same story is being played out all over the Western world too. Actual relevant politics in the Western world is now divided into:(1) those

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How Leftists should Debate with Race Realists

November 19, 2017

In light of this interview here of Stefan Molyneux by Dave Rubin:[embedded content]Why is it that the Left is so pathetic and useless that there is virtually nobody who could argue seriously with Stefan Molyneux on this issue?First of all, if you are a Leftist and you seriously wanted to debate a race realist, you will never get anywhere by denying these propositions, which are certainly supported by overwhelming evidence from modern science:(1) human beings have lived in different environments and been subject to different Darwinian evolution and selective pressures over at least the past 40,000 years;(2) because of (1), evolution has produced human beings who have a common descent in different regions with distinctive gene allele frequencies which in turn cause distinctive phenotypic

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Sargon on the “It’s OK to be White” Meme Controversy

November 7, 2017

Required viewing:[embedded content]Sargon, more or less, is correct (though I have no time for his ultra-individualist “Classical Liberalism” or his shilling for Hayek).There ought, in principle, to be nothing controversial about a simple message “It’s OK to be White,” but the whole essence of the modern Left is hatred of Western civilisation and anti-white racial hatred.Take one example. You don’t think much of our culture is polluted by anti-white racial hatred? Explain to me how this gentleman called Alloysious Massaquoi gets tax-payer money from the long-suffering people of Britain to produce this so-called “art,” filmed in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery:[embedded content]If this isn’t murderous racial hatred, then nothing is. If you want to know who bears massive

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The Cult of Diversity Lie

November 5, 2017

Tucker Carlson is entirely correct:[embedded content]“Diversity is our strength” is an Orwellian lie, and any rational, sane person, even a left-wing person, should be capable of seeing it at this point.The evidence that diversity is catastrophic has been available for a long time, and some of the best research comes from the work of Robert Putnam. Notably, Putnam is a multiculturalist liberal, and he was so shocked by his research findings he delayed publishing them for years on end.See also the following studies here:(1) Wickes, Rebecca, Zahnow, Renee, White, Gentry and Lorraine Mazerolle. 2014. “Ethnic Diversity and its Impact on Community Social Cohesion and Neighborly Exchange,” Journal of Urban Affairs 36.1: 51–78.(2) Sturgis, Patrick, Brunton-Smith, Ian, Kuha, Jouni and Jonathan

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Steve Keen on Austrian Economics

October 17, 2017

Steve Keen discusses the economics of the Austrian school in this critique:[embedded content]For a full list of my posts refuting Austrian economics, see here:Debunking Austrian Economics 101 (Updated)

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On Columbus Day, Remember…

October 10, 2017

… that most Amerindians died from Old World diseases to which they had little or no natural immunity, not because of some deliberate, pre-planned genocide by Europeans.The dying out of millions of Amerindians was a horrible and terrible event to be sure, but the Left’s narrative on this is full of lies and fraud.I repeat here some excellent analysis of why and how so many Amerindians died after the European discovery of the Americas.We know that the Native Americans faced a severe group disadvantage caused by differential evolution: namely, their inability to resist or have immunity to new diseases brought by Europeans like smallpox (Cochran and Harpending 2009: 158–159). The HLA gene alleles, in various forms, protect human beings against infectious disease by regulating the nature and

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The Dalai Lama’s Racism and Evil Tibetan Supremacy

October 4, 2017

Years ago, the Dalai Lama gave this hateful interview to the Guardian:Julian Borger, “Tibet could be ‘Swamped’ by Mass Chinese Settlement after Olympics, says Dalai Lama,” The Guardian, 24 May 2008.During his interview, the Dalai Lama revealed his bigotry and complained that “Beijing was planning the mass settlement of 1 million ethnic Chinese people in Tibet after the Olympics with the aim of diluting Tibetan culture and identity,” and, if that happened, that Tibet would be transformed into a “truly Han Chinese land and Tibetans [sc. would] become an insignificant minority.”How does the Dalai Lama get away with this racism and hateful demonisation of immigrants??Doesn’t he know that millions of Chinese immigrants will culturally enrich Tibet? Doesn’t he appreciate how much vibrant

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“White Gold” Conference Talks on the Origin of Electrum Coinage

September 10, 2017

Some of the evidence I reviewed in this post on the origin of electrum coinage was from a conference called “White Gold: Revealing the World’s Earliest Coins,” held from 25–26th June, 2012 (International Congress at Israel Museum, Jerusalem).The edited proceedings of this conference will be published as White Gold: Studies in Early Electrum Coinage (edited by Peter Van Alfen and Ute Wartenberg), but the talks are available in these videos:(1) White Gold, International Congress, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Part 1:June 25: Session 1
Catharine Lorber and Haim Gitler, “Opening Remarks.”
Michael Kerschner and Koray Konuk, “The Chronology of the Electrum Coins Found in the Artemision of Ephesus: The Contribution of the Archaeological Find Context.”
Jack Kroll, “On the Ephesus Inscription.”

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Reply to Selgin on the Origin of Electrum Coinage, Part 2

September 6, 2017

This is part 2 of my response to George Selgin’s post here:George Selgin, “‘Lord Keynes’ contra White on the Beginnings of Coinage,” Alt-M Ideas for an Alternative Monetary Future, August 30, 2017.Selgin refers to various new data from the past 20 years or so, and much of the new evidence was presented at a conference called “White Gold: Revealing the World’s Earliest Coins,” held from 25–26th June, 2012 (International Congress at Israel Museum, Jerusalem).Wartenberg (2017), for instance, refers to the edited proceedings of this conference: White Gold: Studies in Early Electrum Coinage (edited by Peter Van Alfen and Ute Wartenberg). But this book will not be published until December 31, 2017, so I can hardly evaluate the evidence there, but have to go on published summaries of the

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The Majority View in Modern Scholarship on the Origin of Electrum Coinage: An Update

September 4, 2017

In the last post here, I gave a large sample of 48 published works in modern scholarship on the question of the origins of electrum coinage.I took a sample of late 20th and early 21st century general and specialist ancient historians, numismatists and other relevant scholars. Professor Selgin points out here that I included some MMT economists in Group 1, but I could have included some free bankers or other libertarian scholars in Group 3.This is easy to do.Once again, I take “majority” to mean more than 50% of general and specialist ancient historians and relevant scholars – and a clear majority to be a percentage in the upper range of 55–60% or, ideally, even higher.Let us start with an updated list of “Group 3” scholars. Once again, “Group 3” scholars are those who argue explicitly for

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Reply to Selgin on the Origin of Electrum Coinage, Part 1

September 3, 2017

George Selgin replies to my post here in the following critique:George Selgin, “‘Lord Keynes’ contra White on the Beginnings of Coinage,” Alt-M Ideas for an Alternative Monetary Future, August 30, 2017.You can follow the complete debate in these posts as follows: Larry White, “Why the ‘State Theory of Money’ doesn’t explain the Coinage of Precious Metals,” Alt-M Ideas for an Alternative Monetary Future, August 24, 2017.“Larry White on the Origins of Coined Money: A Critique,” August 26, 2017.George Selgin, “‘Lord Keynes’ contra White on the Beginnings of Coinage,” Alt-M Ideas for an Alternative Monetary Future, August 30, 2017.The issue here is how electrum coinage in ancient Lydia and Asia Minor arose, and who first invented it. The issues are so many and complex that my responses will

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Larry White on the Origins of Coined Money: A Critique

August 26, 2017

The free banker Larry White has a recent post here on the origins of coined money:Larry White, “Why the ‘State Theory of Money’ doesn’t explain the Coinage of Precious Metals,” Alt-M Ideas for an Alternative Monetary Future, August 24, 2017.White is essentially talking about the origins of coined money in ancient Lydia and Greece.First of all, there are some points in White’s article that may be freely acknowledged as correct, as follows:(1) Chartalism does not have a universal theory of the origins of money (as defined as a general medium of exchange, unit of account and store of purchasing power) anymore than Neoclassical economics does. But it does have part of the story.(2) it is true that the theories of certain MMT economists who wish to argue that ancient states chose silver and

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James Keir Hardie’s Views on Mass Immigration

August 26, 2017

James Keir Hardie (15 August 1856–26 September 1915) was the founder of the British Labour Party (which was founded on 27 February, 1900), its first leader, and its first Member of Parliament.In 1899, James Keir Hardie appeared before the UK House of Commons Select Committee on emigration and immigration. He – as a leading socialist of Britain – gave his opinion on mass immigration into Scotland:“James Keir Hardie, Secretary to the Ayrshire Miners’ Union and to the Scottish Parliamentary Labour Party (pp. 63–69) stated that 2,500 foreign workmen were employed in Glasgow, 300 in Leith and 20 at the Glengarock Ironworks in Ayrshire. There were between 2,800 and 3,000 foreigners in Scotland altogether. ….In many cases, they only stayed in Scotland a few months, to earn sufficient money to

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Sam Bowles on “The Death of Homo Economicus”

August 20, 2017

An interesting interview of Sam Bowles (Professor Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Amherst) by Marshall Auerback on the Neoclassical myth of homo economicus:[embedded content]A great interview.See also his book: Bowles, Samuel and Herbert Gintis. 2011. A Cooperative Species: Human Reciprocity and its Evolution. Princeton University Press, Oxford and Princeton, NJ.

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