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Realist Left social democrat, left wing, blogger, Post Keynesian in economics, but against the regressive left, against Postmodernism, against Marxism

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Proto-Keynesians in the Last Years of Weimar Republic Germany

January 18, 2019

It is well known that the Great Depression hit Weimar Republic Germany particularly hard. There was severe unemployment, and the wage and price deflation was also severe, as can be seen in these graphs (with data from Mitchell 1992):
Moreover, the wage and price deflation did not bring about a rapid or effective recovery. Austerity policies clearly failed in the Weimar Republic, and a number of German businessmen, bureaucrats, journalists, and unorthodox economists were driven to advocate the only real policy solution that had not been tried: namely, unemployment relief and stimulus of the economy by large-scale deficit spending and public works programs.Proto-Keynesian ideas were already being advocated in Germany before 1933 by the following people:(1) Wilhelm Grotkopp (a business

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Three Cheers for Tucker Carlson!: Heroic Economic Populist

November 21, 2018

Tucker Carlson channels left-wing economics in this debate with the free market, Neoconservative charlatan Ben Shapiro: [embedded content]You have to admire Tucker Carlson for this, despite the gushing praise for the ill-defined concept of “capitalism.” Shapiro, in response, mouths utterly dumb, empty, meaningless drivel.Tucker Carlson is easily the best thing to ever happen to the brain-dead Conservative media in America, probably in living memory. Tucker has morphed from a pointless beltway libertarian (who even supported the Iraq war!) into a Nationalist, anti-war, economic populist, broadcast on – of all places – Fox News.Tucker has discovered the magic formula that actually represents what the majority of people in the Western world want, which is as follows:(1) closed borders and an

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Austerity in Pre-1938 Fascist Austria

September 26, 2018

From 1933 to 11 March 1938, Austria was ruled by the clerical fascist Fatherland Front in a regime called the Austrian Federal State.The two dictators of Austria in this period were as follows:Dictators of the Austrian Federal State
5 March 1933–25 July 1934 – Engelbert Dollfuss
29 July 1934–11 March 1938 – Kurt SchuschniggAlthough the Fatherland Front had some anti-capitalist elements, the fact is that in power Engelbert Dollfuss and Kurt Schuschnigg pursued spending cuts, austerity, budget balancing and wage and price deflation.In this period, Ludwig von Mises had a fascinating relationship with the clerical Austro-fascist regime.Already around 1930, before the Austrian fascists seized power, Mises joined an Austrian government economic commission to study the causes of the depression

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Academic Agent versus Reality on the US Industrial Recession of 1873–1878

September 21, 2018

In this recent stream on economics, Academic Agent attempts to defend Rothbard’s views on the American economy in the 1870s.[embedded content]In my Twitter debates on this issue with Academic Agent – who is an unusually ignorant libertarian – I directed him to my post here.I said explicitly in that post that, while Rothbard was correct that there was no depression in the sense of a fall of GDP/GNP of 10% or more, Rothbard was nevertheless wrong to claim that the 1873–1878 period saw “extraordinarily large expansion of industry.”Here is what Rothbard said: “Orthodox economic historians have long complained about the ‘great depression’ that is supposed to have struck the United States in the panic of 1873 and lasted for an unprecedented six years, until 1879. Much of the stagnation is

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Academic Agent on Herbert Hoover: A Critique

September 13, 2018

Academic Agent’s video on Herbert Hoover is below:[embedded content]First of all, it is true that Hoover was not a strict liquidationist. He supported limited interventionism, and was – for his time – a type of corporatist Republican. But was Hoover an “interventionist” relative to the interventions that became commonplace in Western mixed economies after 1933 and certainly after 1945? The answer is: no, Hoover was relatively non-interventionist in relation to the mixed economies of the post-1945 period. Hoover himself rejected effective Keynesian economics, which was the key to escaping the Great Depression.What is wrong in this video?Let us break it down as follows:1. Hoover’s “high wage” policy
Hoover’s “high wage” policy was largely limited to certain industrial markets, and was not

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Ludwig M. Lachmann on the History of the Austrian School of Economics

September 6, 2018

An interesting talk on the history of the Austrian School by Ludwig M. Lachmann:[embedded content]For more on the history of the Austrian school, see here:“Why are there no Austrian Socialists?,” June 3, 2011.“The Neoclassical Wing of the Austrian School,” June 5, 2011.“Vaughn on the Early History of the Austrian School,” June 23, 2013.“The Early Austrians and Walrasianism,” November 7, 2013.“Axel Leijonhufvud Interviews Hayek on the History of the Austrian School,” April 25, 2013.

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Darwin, Evolution, the pre-1960s Left and Human Races

August 11, 2018

Charles Darwin – the discover of evolution by natural selection – wrote a book called The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871), with a second edition of the book published in 1874.Chapter 7 of The Descent of Man is called “On the Races of Man.”There is no doubt that Darwin thought evolution applied to human beings, and that all humans descended from a common ancestry and species. But he also thought that there were distinct races or sub-species of man (Darwin 1874: 162, 176).Darwin is of course worshipped by much of the modern Liberal and even radical Left, but his actual views about evolution and human beings would probably get him arrested for “hate speech” in much of Western Europe.Shockingly for the modern Left, Darwin also accepted racial differences:“There is,

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Dinesh D’Souza as a Charlatan

August 5, 2018

Could there be anything more absurd than the spectacle of Dinesh D’Souza? His new movie is called Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time?.Some videos below give us a summary of his ideas:[embedded content][embedded content][embedded content]The fundamental thesis of Dinesh D’Souza is, in essence, that the Democratic Party and American progressive Liberalism are linked to Nazism and are, by implication, on a moral level with Nazism. Furthermore, D’Souza thinks that Nazism (or German National Socialism) was a fundamentally left-wing ideology. D’Souza’s narrative and his “arguments” plumb the depths of idiocy. Dinesh D’Souza is really nothing more than a free market Classical Liberal, as are much of the so-called American “Conservatives” who represent the pre-Trump GOP.

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Robert P. Murphy on Rothbardians versus Free Bankers

July 30, 2018

Robert P. Murphy recently gave a talk on fractional reserve banking and free banking:[embedded content]Listening to this video really brings home what a lame cult of losers American libertarians actually are.Murphy repeats the same tired lies about fractional reserve banking we have all heard before: e.g., that a demand deposit involves two entities (the bank and depositor) owning the same money (when this is a blatant falsehood), and the fake legal history of fractional reserve banking peddled by Rothbard and Huerta de Soto.A bank is, by nature, an institution that borrows money from “depositors” (a misleading word) by means of the mutuum contract, so that the bank becomes the legal owner of all money “deposited.” The bank client legally forfeits all property rights in the money. In

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No War on Syria!

April 13, 2018

Stephen Cohen points out how dangerous the current drive to military action in Syria is:[embedded content]Fortunately, there are signs that, if any US missile strikes happen, it will essentially be a PR stunt with the Russians being warned in advance of the targets, as Russia Insider has reported. If true, the real danger is that mistakes can be made and things could get out of control quickly, especially if wider Middle East tension erupts and military intervention is taken by Israel, Iran or Hezbollah in Lebanon, which could ignite a regional war. We are approaching the moment of truth.

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The Witch Hunt against Sam Harris

March 30, 2018

Back on April 22, 2017, Sam Harris had Charles Murray on his podcast.You can hear it here:[embedded content]Since then, Sam Harris has been hysterically attacked by all the usual suspects: blank slate Liberal journalists, Cultural Leftists, Marxists and so on. The latest attack is here.But most of these attacks are pure lies, fraud and charlatanry. Rarely do the critics of Sam Harris have anything of substance in their criticisms when it comes to the actual science.There are certainly a few mistakes that Sam Harris made: for example, he claimed nothing much can be done to increase the IQ of children (at 2.14 in the video above). In fact, the genetic component of children’s IQ seems to be less strong than in adulthood, and so childhood IQ is more malleable, and you can make IQ gains in

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Clement Attlee on Immigration into Britain in 1948

March 13, 2018

As noted in this post here, even in 1948 low level immigration into the UK from its colonies caused a number of Labour Party MPs to oppose mass immigration, and they sent a letter to Clement Attlee, as follows:“This country may become an open reception centre for immigrants not selected in respect to health, education, training, character, customs and above all, whether assimilation is possible or not.The British people fortunately enjoy a profound unity without uniformity in their way of life, and are blest by the absence of a colour racial problem. An influx of coloured people domiciled here is likely to impair the harmony, strength and cohesion of our public and social life and to cause discord and unhappiness among all concerned.In our opinion colonial governments are responsible for

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Academic Agent on “Six Key Lessons from Classical Economics”: A Critique

March 2, 2018

“The Academic Agent” has a video here on what he calls “Six Key Lessons from Classical Economics” (but actually from both Classical and Neoclassical economics):[embedded content]Of course, not all of his points are wrong. And, since I assume various followers of “Academic Agent” will read this, let me state: I support Post Keynesian economics, a non-neoclassical version of Keynesianism.But let us break this down as follows, point by point:(1) “Wealth is not Money”.This is true. Money is clearly not wealth (if we understand by “wealth” the good and services we consume). Money cannot be consumed in the way that commodities can. Libertarians are fond accusing Keynesians of saying that “money is wealth” or that “money creation is wealth creation.” But I can’t even recall seeing any left

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The Catastrophic Failure of Multiculturalism

February 23, 2018

Explained in this interesting and concise video:[embedded content]In reality, human beings evolved to have ethnic identity and ethnocentric cooperation. This is the real basis of socialism as a political or economic form of political organisation within a modern nation state. Multiculturalism and multi-ethnic mass immigration will undermine and destroy a society that has a strong level of social and ethnic cohesion with democratic “socialism” in the non-Marxist sense (that is, a welfare state, generous social security, universal health care, and interventionist government policies to promote the common social and economic well-being of the community).The modern left is too stupid and deranged to understand that (1) ethnic nationalism must be the basis of progressive liberalism,

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Opposition to Mass Immigration in the British Labour Party of 1948

February 17, 2018

In 1948 after World War II, Britain started to receive low-level immigration from its colonies. But – even within the British Labour party of that era – there were those who sensed that this could be the beginning of mass immigration on a scale likely to cause serious problems in Britain.For example, the Prime Minister Clement Attlee was sent a letter on 22 June, 1948 signed by eleven Labour members of parliament who opposed mass immigration into Britain.This letter said the following:“This country may become an open reception centre for immigrants not selected in respect to health, education, training, character, customs and above all, whether assimilation is possible or not.The British people fortunately enjoy a profound unity without uniformity in their way of life, and are blest by

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Darwin, Evolution, and Human Gender Differences (or Darwin the Evil Sexist!)

January 18, 2018

To see the abominably ignorant and crazed science-denying state of our civilisation, you need only look at this interview of Jordan Peterson:[embedded content]This stems from the insanity caused by the Liberal/Leftist cult of blank slateism, social constructivism, and the denial of biological reality and even basic principles of Darwinian evolution.Let us run an experiment, and go back to what Darwin said about biological differences between men and women caused by evolution.Charles Darwin – the discover of evolution by natural selection – wrote a book called The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871), and a second edition of the book was published in 1874. I quote from the second edition.Chapter 19 is called the “Secondary Sexual Characters of Man.” In this chapter,

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Noam Chomsky on the Blank Slate

January 13, 2018

From his Language and Problems of Knowledge: The Managua Lectures (1988):“The evidence seems compelling, indeed overwhelming, that fundamental aspects of our mental and social life, including language, are determined as part of our biological endowment, not acquired by learning, still less by training, in the course of our experience. Many find this conclusion offensive. They would prefer to believe that humans are shaped by their environment, not that they develop in a manner that is predetermined in essential respects. I mentioned earlier the remarkable dominance of the behaviorist conception that language and other aspects of our beliefs and knowledge, and of our culture in general, are determined by experience. The Marxist tradition too has characteristically held that humans are

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Sargon of Akkad goes Full SJW Retard

January 7, 2018

And also mixed in with a good portion of libertarian/Classical Liberal retard too.At this point, it is difficult not to lose all respect for Sargon. For years, he did sterling work refuting and countering all the nonsense of the SJW Left, but now seems to have fallen into – or at least been forced to throw up – Cultural Leftist nonsense. All this has happened because of his picking a fight with the Alt Right. Unfortunately, Sargon isn’t intellectually up to debating such people, and it is not just his lame Classical Liberal individualist rubbish that is the cause of this. Sargon is also ignorant of science.In a recent debate with Millennial Woes below, Sargon is forced to invoke social constructivist idiocy and, yes, literally goes full SJW, and asserts that white people are just a

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Steven Pinker on the Alt Right

January 5, 2018

See Steven Pinker’s remarks here:[embedded content]Pinker is right. Our society has become so insanely politically correct that asserting basic empirical truths is now hate crime, and many people do not even know these facts at all, and when confronted with them are shocked.Take the issue of biological differences between men and women, especially differences in the distribution of female versus male IQ, as I have discussed here. These facts about IQ and the biologically-determined physical, cognitive and personality differences between men and women explain why women do not have much interest in the hard sciences, or any great presence in that field. Instead, the field is dominated by men, just as men dominate sectors of the economy where hard physical labour is required, and this is

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Myths about Hunter-Gatherers

December 24, 2017

The myths about hunter-gatherers are exposed in this excellent article:William Buckner, “Romanticizing the Hunter-Gatherer,” Quillette, December 16, 2017 points out that many of these myths were first promulgated in a conference called “Man the Hunter” (held at the Center for Continuing Education, University of Chicago, from 6–9 April, 1966) in a paper by Richard B. Lee (Lee 1968) on the !Kung people of the Kalahari Desert (also called the Bushmen or the San people). Lee’s (1968) work was taken up by the anthropologist Marshall Sahlins in his book Stone Age Economics (1974) (2nd edn. Sahlins 2004), in which he called Stone Age hunter-gatherers the “original affluent society.”This idealised view of hunter-gatherer

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Charles de Gaulle’s Hate Speech

December 19, 2017

Charles de Gaulle – leader of Free France (1940–1944), head of the Provisional Government of the French Republic (1944–1946) and President of France from 1958–1959 – had a serious problem with hate speech. From a speech General de Gaulle gave on 5 March, 1959:“C’est très bien qu’il y ait des Français jaunes, des Français noirs, des Français bruns. Ils montrent que la France est ouverte à toutes les races et qu’elle a une vocation universelle. Mais à condition qu’ils restent une petite minorité. Sinon, la France ne serait plus la France. Nous sommes quand même avant tout un peuple européen de race blanche, de culture grecque et latine et de religion chrétienne. …. Les Arabes sont des Arabes, les Français sont des Français. Vous croyez que le corps français peut absorber dix millions de

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The Cultural Left is an International Joke

December 6, 2017

Over in China, where they have an ancient and healthy civilisation and culture, the Chinese recognise the stupidity, ignorance, hypocrisy, and suicidal insanity of the Western Cultural Left:[embedded content]The Chinese are laughing at us as we destroy our civilisation because of the policies demanded by the multicultural, self-hating, cancerous Cultural Left, policies which, these days, are also often strongly supported by the equally disgusting mainstream multicultural Conservatives (who simply combine Cultural Leftism with free market economics).

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