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Those to Blame for the Grenfell Fire Victims Include Tony Blair

By William K. BlackJune 26, 2017     Bloomington, MN There are many people culpable for the mass loss of life in the Grenfell fire in London.  At this time, we know enough about the fire and its causes to be able to discuss these matters with sufficient confidence to draw preliminary conclusions.  As always, we should also keep in mind that we do not have all the facts so some of our conclusions must be tentative. I do not focus on Tony Blair and Gordon Brown because they are uniquely...

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BWU Makes Its Latest Lemon Award to the UK

By Bank Whistleblowers UnitedJune 25, 2017 Bank Whistleblowers United (BWU) makes its non-coveted Lemon award to the United Kingdom (UK) for actions harming whistleblowers and the world.  BWU’s three principals are highly experienced financial experts with combined practical and academic experience of over 120 years.  We are each unemployable in finance because we warned internally at are places of work and then externally about grave misconduct by the most senior financial and...

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People of Integrity Won’t Work for President Trump

By William K. BlackJune 6, 2017     Bloomington, MN Rupert Murdoch controls the Wall Street Journal and Fox News.  Even before he acquired the WSJ its editorial board was known for its members’ ultra-right wing fervor.  The acquisition intensified that fervor.  The editorial board’s fervor has infected the WSJ’s news pages.  That is the context essential to understanding the significance of its June 6, 2017 editorial eviscerating President Donald Trump.  They entitled their editorial...

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Money and Banking—Part 18 (B): Overview of the Financial System: A World of Promises

Due to the size of this post, it  has been split into 2. You can find part A here. Monetary instruments Monetary instruments are the last type of marketable promissory notes. Post 15 and Post 16 are devoted to their analysis. One of the main characteristics of monetary instruments is that their term to maturity is instantaneous, that is, they can be returned to the issuer at the will of the bearer. In terms of cash, that is physical monetary instruments, the Financial Accounts of the...

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Money and Banking—Part 18 (A): Overview of the Financial System: A World of Promises

Due to the size of this post, it was split in two. You can find Part B here. The M&B series is back! The goal is to finish the first complete draft of the book by the time I need to teach my Money and Banking course. Over the coming months, the following topics will be covered. Overview of the financial system Federal Reserve System institutional analysis Interest rate and interest rate structure Pricing of securities Off balance sheet: Securitization Off balance sheet: Derivatives...

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Announcing the First International Conference on Modern Monetary Theory 

Economics for a New Progressive Era University of Missouri-Kansas City September 21–24, 2017 Conference site: With Support From Robert Skidelsky and Morton Sosland UMKC Economics Club Journal of Post Keynesian Economics Featured Speakers Include Warren Mosler, Robert Skidelsky, Jamie Galbraith, Jan Kregel, and Randall Wray Modern Monetary Theory has transformed the economics discipline. Its influence extends beyond economics, reaching deep into the fields of...

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