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The Living New Deal

Announcing the New Map of New Deal New YorkTwo years in the making, The Living New Deal’s newest publication, a “Map and Guide to New Deal New York,” highlights nearly 1,000 public works throughout the five boroughs and describes 50 of the city’s notable New Deal buildings, parks, murals, and other sites and artworks. The 18 x 27 inch, multi-color map folds to pocket size, while three inset maps offer walking tours of the New Deal in Central Park, and Midtown and Downtown Manhattan....

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Dodd-Frank Was Designed to Fail – and Trump Will Make it Worse

By William K. BlackApril 17, 2017     Bloomington, MN William Cohan’s April 14, 2017 column in the New York Times discusses Daniel Tarullo’s swan song talk on bank regulation.  Here are the key passages from that column for the first half of my discussion. Much to the relief of Wall Street executives, who feared and hated him in equal measure, Daniel K. Tarullo left his powerful perch on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors last week, but not before delivering one last lecture on how...

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Inequality Update: Who Gains When Income Grows?

By Pavlina R. TchernevaBard College Growth in the US increasingly brings income inequality.  A striking deterioration in this trend has occurred since the 80s, when economic recoveries delivered the vast majority of income growth to the wealthiest US households.  This note updates my original inequality chart (reproduced below) with the latest data. For earlier discussions, see e.g., here, here, and here. Figure 1: bottom 90% vs. top 10%, 1949-2012 expansions (incl. capital gains) The...

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Reality Virus Infects Kansas Legislators, Brownback Immune

By William K. BlackMarch 28, 2017      Bloomington, MN The good news is that the Kansas legislature, the land of the lunatics, experienced an outbreak of the reality virus (first diagnosed and named by Steve Keen among neoclassical economists).  The bad news is that the Kansas’ Crazy-in-Chief, Governor Sam Brownback, has proven immune to the virus. Brownback decided to put Art Laffer in charge of Kansas’ taxation policy.  Even neoclassical economists roll their eyes when it comes to...

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Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp? William K. Black (A co-founder of Bank Whistleblowers United) March 20, 2017 The New York Times’ editorial board published an editorial on March 12, 2017, praising Preet Bharara as the “Prosecutor Who Knew How to Drain a Swamp.”  I agree … Continue reading → Why did Preet Bharara Refuse to Drain the Wall Street Swamp?

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