Saturday , April 1 2023
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[embedded content]Paul Krugman's Godley-Tobin LectureIngrid Harvold Kvangraven on Samir Amin and Beyond Eurocentrism. Rebecca Hasdell's What We Know About Universal Basic Income: A Cross-Synthesis of Reviews. Jacobo Ferrer-Hernández and Luis Daniel Torres-González have the latest working paper from the Centro Sraffa.

Robert Vienneau considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

run75441 writes Is the “second great age of globalization” about to end?

Robert Vienneau writes What Paul Krugman Could Learn From The Post Keynesian Roots Of MMT

Peter Dorman writes Politics and the Pandemic: Why I Think Paul Krugman Is Wrong

Robert Vienneau writes Paul Krugman Ignorant Of The Cambridge Capital Controversy

Paul Krugman's Godley-Tobin Lecture

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