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That Pesky First Amendment Scores Again!

That Pesky First Amendment Scores Again! annieasksyou… I am often critical of the mainstream media, whom I find too insensitive to the fragility of our democracy in their determination to present “both sides” of issues that often don’t have two sides. For example, I’m more than frustrated with much of the coverage of the House Republicans’ willingness to throw our economy over the cliff if Biden doesn’t accept the demands of their most radical,...

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Why Do Voters Trust Republicans on the Economy More Than Democrats?

This is another inciteful commentary by “annie asks you.” Just like Josh in the movie “Big,” I am raising my hand, stating “I don’t get it.” I don’t get it as to why people would prefer trump over Biden especially after two years of a recovering economy. Maybe many of them were not around for 2007/8 when the nation did not return to normalcy for years after the crash. A politician finally read the tea leaves, the nature of the economy (which is...

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Moms, Kids, and the Makeup of Congress

What matters most to families, moms who have to make things happen, and dads who struggle to provide for their family. This is a rerun from “Annie Asks You” emphasizing our job is not done. The work is unfinished and for a brief moment we came close. We are not done. I hope you enjoy the read. “Moms, Kids, and the Makeup of Congress,” annieasksyou…, August 12, 2022 In this intolerable heat, I’ve been thinking a lot about poor single moms and...

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Post-Election Day Musings…The Sun Begins to Shine

I think I am sitting in the worst possible place one could be pre-election . . . Arizona. The potential insurrectionists were trying to take over the state. We prevailed only by a few votes. People I know are angry Democrats won. By all intents and purposes this is not over. We still need to resolve January 6. Annie has a good message of hope on this Sunday. I hope you enjoy the read. “Post-Election Day Musings…The Sun Begins to Shine” –...

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“Abortion Is Actually Going to Save Democracy”

Having read at various blogs, I found “annieasksyou” to be interesting and covering a topic in economics for which I have limited bandwidth. It is definitely beyond AB’s version of economics and numbers. I think you will also find annie’s words to be interesting. If you visit her site, be polite. Although Annie is also a polite person, she is a no-nonsense person too. The topic today? Abortion and the right for women to decide. “Abortion Is...

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