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Flailing at China — Stephen S. Roach

Despite years of denial, there can no longer be any doubt that the US is pursuing a bipartisan containment strategy vis-à-vis China. Whether justified or not, the real problem with this strategy is less the merits of the allegations leveled by US politicians than the incoherence of the Trump administration’s policies to address them.... It's still "Red China," after all.Stephen Roach understand Chinese political economy. This is a good summary of his course at Yale on "The Next...

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Jeffrey D. Sachs — The War on Huawei

The Trump administration's conflict with China has little to do with US external imbalances, closed Chinese markets, or even China’s alleged theft of intellectual property. It has everything to do with containing China by limiting its access to foreign markets, advanced technologies, global banking services, and perhaps even US universities.… The Trump administration, not Huawei or China, is today’s greatest threat to the international rule of law, and therefore to global peace....

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