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Scott Fullwiler — Quick(?) MMT 101 lesson

From Twitter via AppThreadReader https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1133586537512341504.html Note: material in brackets is added to the original by Tom Hickey for clarification. Scott Fullwiler @stf18 1. Quick(?) MMT 101 lesson:From the very beginning in the 1990s, MMT has NEVER argued that 'printing money' was necessary. Anyone saying MMT = "print money," even if they (correctly) incorporate an inflation constraint, is getting MMT dead wrong.2. The argument from the earliest...

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Will Hutton – How could it be that the Tories have turned their back on the best of British industry?

If Jeremy Corbyn’s party were not so averse to capitalism, this would be a great opportunity for Labour 40 leading economists recently put out a letter backing Labour. David Graeber says the best economists now advise Labour - which I doubt will get out wrong about markets.Will Hutton says Labour is far too adverse to capitalism, and I have tended to distrust it too, but it has to be enbraced because it is effective and is about freedom. Will Huton is right about the mixed economy - we...

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Gary Younge – The Tories can’t win without the press. This isn’t how democracy works

The power of the rightwing press has corroded public debate. But we can do more than just complain about it Corbyn has been misrepresented, as well as being falsely accused of being antisemitic. The vile media campaign against Corbyn has been disgraceful - all dirty tricks and outright lies - and so now Johnson leads in the polls, who doesn't have the British people's interest at heart, only that of the elite.Our media is not for for purpose. In February 2016, a few months before the...

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Winston Mok – China’s economic miracle has a secret ingredient hiding in plain sight: unbalanced growth

Winston Mok describes why the US can't catch up.  Like the US, China’s economic dynamism rests on the imbalance between the runaway successes of its coastal provinces and the laggards along its northern rust belt. The crucial difference? Beijing redistributes the fruits of economic successSCMPWinston Mok - China’s economic miracle has a secret ingredient hiding in plain sight: unbalanced growth

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Links — 16 Nov 2019 — Part 1

RealClearInvestigationsThe Brennan Dossier: All About a Prime Mover of Russiagate Aaron MatéMcKinseyThe Asian Century has arrived Oliver Tonby, senior partner in McKinsey’s Singapore office, interviews Parag Khanna, founder and managing partner of FutureMap and author of the recent book The Future Is Asian, and James Crabtree, associate professor at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, as well as a senior fellow at the school’s Centre on Asia and...

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Chemical Weapons Watchdog Accused of Evidence-Tampering by Its Own Inspectors by JONATHAN STEELE

It was fixed. Were the strikes justified? An inspector from the eight-member team sent to Douma has just come forward with disturbing allegations about the international watchdog, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, which was tasked with obtaining and examining evidence. Involved in collecting samples as well as drafting the OPCW’s interim report, he claims his evidence was suppressed and a new report was written by senior managers with assertions that...

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