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Meagan Day — The Democrats and the Deficit Con

Dick Cheney was right: deficits don’t matter. If only Democrats would learn.… Attempting to balance a commitment to deficit reduction alongside a theoretical responsibility to protect and expand public programs, Democrats end up imposing false limitations on themselves and neutering their own supposed political agenda. One wonders if the party, increasingly reliant on an elite capitalist donor class, is actually using deficit reduction to weasel out of the responsibility to make life...

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Barry Ritholtz — Born-Again Fiscal Hawks Turn Into Doves

Funny how some folks stop caring about federal deficits after an election.… This sort of behavior is intellectually dishonest, hypocritical, economically counterproductive and, at times, even dangerous. It has been going on for too long.... But Ronald Reagan (and you thought I was referring to Barack Obama) ignored the critics. His deficit spending and tax cuts helped stimulate the economy and led to an economic recovery that lasted for the better part of a decade. 1 This is further...

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Democrats Need to Give Up Being Deficit Hawks Even When it Feels Good Politically

By William K. Black March 24, 2016     Bloomington, MN Representative Nancy Pelosi has just written the latest effort by a prominent Democrat to bash Republicans for the high crime of not being financially illiterate.  The Republicans are frequently financially illiterate on budget issues and they bash Democrats for the high crime of not being financially illiterate.  The leaders of both parties share the hypocrisy of bashing the rival party for supporting budgetary stimulus in...

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