Friday , November 15 2019
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Obama the Conservative vs Trump the Revolutionary

I was thinking about this topic this morning and I wanted to run it by you. The genesis of it all was an interview I did with Rohan Grey and Kevin Muir on Real Vision regarding MMT. And one conclusion I drew – partially motivated by the debate – is that Millennials face a very different world than Gen X or baby boomers did. I think that means their receptivity to change is different. So I wanted to sketch out how I am thinking about some of these things using Obama and Trump. The...

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Frank Li — Is President Trump Losing It?

Yes, he is losing it - the ability to govern as the President! The most recent example: he lost his temperament, totally, in response to the Mueller TV appearance, on top of having lost all the four games in the major league (President Trump's Major League Score: 0:4). He will continue to lose in the coming weeks and months. No, he is not losing it, because he has never had it!... Frank Li is out of paradigm with MMT, but he is an interesting social and political analyst even though his...

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