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Economic Sanctions: A Weapon out of Control?

Economic Sanctions: A Weapon out of Control? By Robert Skidelsky  Centre For Global Studies, April 2022 Copyright: Centre for Global Studies.  The Centre for Global Studies is a London-based think-tank that aims to improve public understanding of economics and global policy. The Centre is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. It is independent of any political party or group and is financed by voluntary donations and the sale of publications. Contact:...

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US Sanctions Are Designed to Kill — Kevin Cashman & Cavan Kharrazian

Sanctions are being used against some countries as economic warfare rather than primarily political pressure, and there will be casualties as in any war including "collateral damage." Some people will die. The perps know this. It should be clear that the United States is uniquely positioned to choke off imports and exports from a targeted country using sanctions with deep, negative consequences for that country’s economy, as well as severe constraints on its government’s ability to address...

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Pepe Escobar — What sanctions on Russia and China really mean

The Pentagon may not be advocating total war against both Russia and China – as it has been interpreted in some quarters Look at the behavior and its motives rather than the speech and spin. Global hegemony is a zero-sum game for the US. The stakes could not be higher. Obviously, the US has not built the military it has to defend the homeland or even its allies. The US would prefer to prevail through hybrid means rather than kinetically, but if not .... Even an amateur in...

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Decameron — Who’s on the Iran Action Group? More About Neo-Cons’ March through the Institutions

Like most neo-con thinkers, Hook advocates crushing, crippling sanctions that supposedly will suffocate the population to the point that there will be an uprising that overthrows the regime. It's a form of collective punishment--a neo-con pipe dream that destroys nations and people. Hook's mission on Iran is described as coming from Pompeo at the State Dept, but well-placed sources say it's a National Security Council operation, and Bolton's brainchild.... Sic Semper Tyrannis Who's on the...

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Patrick Cockburn — It’s time we saw economic sanctions for what they really are – war crimes

The record of economic sanctions in forcing political change is dismal, but as a way of reducing a country to poverty and misery it is difficult to beat. UN sanctions were imposed against Iraq from 1990 until 2003. Supposedly, it was directed against Saddam Hussein and his regime, though it did nothing to dislodge or weaken them: on the contrary, the Baathist political elite took advantage of the scarcity of various items to enrich themselves by becoming the sole suppliers.… There is...

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