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Michael Pettis — Why market liberalisation now may hurt China more

In the end, while standard macroeconomic reforms may work in theory -- albeit under an unrealistic set of assumptions -- they’ve never worked in practice. Rather than eliminating the controls that protect China from a financial crisis, leaders should confront their debt problem head-on and begin deleveraging. For that to happen, it would help if the decision-making process were more, not less centralised. Only forceful action from the top can overcome the tremendously powerful vested...

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Sebastian Heilmann — Big Data reshapes China’s approach to governance

Absolutely must-read! Economic planning and societal control: The digital transformation is changing the rules of the game in the global systemic competition. China's determined pursuit of a "digital Leninism" presents a major challenge to liberal market economies and democratic political systems. MERICS — Mercator Institute for China Studies Big Data reshapes China's approach to governance Sebastian Heilmann ht Ryan in the comments Sebastian Heilmann is the founding president of the...

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