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Close Encounters of a Green New Deal Kind — Douglas Holtz-Eakin

In the end, MMT looks like an extreme version of conventional economics in which there is no independent monetary policy and there are a lot of unused resources. But when resources get tight, the reflex is command and control central planning. This cuts to the quick of it. The question is how much market state (where free markets determine outcomes, in theory at least) and how much welfare state (where the economy is managed based on desired outcomes). This is an ongoing dialectic among...

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Sebastian Heilmann — Big Data reshapes China’s approach to governance

Absolutely must-read! Economic planning and societal control: The digital transformation is changing the rules of the game in the global systemic competition. China's determined pursuit of a "digital Leninism" presents a major challenge to liberal market economies and democratic political systems. MERICS — Mercator Institute for China Studies Big Data reshapes China's approach to governance Sebastian Heilmann ht Ryan in the comments Sebastian Heilmann is the founding president of the...

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