Saturday , April 4 2020
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Taking stock now that coronavirus has been officially declared a pandemic

I have been looking back at my posts and re-reading my coverage of this global health crisis to get a sense of what I got wrong and why. I know this sounds perverse. But I think it’s critical to actively seek non-confirming information and then to try not use it as an excuse for hardening one’s pre-conceived view. Most people look for confirming data, leading to so-called confirmation bias. And even to the degree, we look for non-confirming data, we generally incorporate it by...

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Bill Mitchell —The British government can avoid a recession from a No-Deal Brexit

A shorter blog post today (Wednesday). On Monday (July 29, 2019), the British Social Metrics Commission published their – 2019 Report – which reveals (staggeringly) “that 4.5 million people are more than 50% below the poverty line, and 7 million people are living in persistent poverty” in Britain. So around 22 per cent of people in the UK are living in poverty. In this day and age, poverty is like polio – it is completely avoidable if governments adopt the right policy mix. Persistent...

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