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The importance of ‘causal spread’

The importance of ‘causal spread’ No doubt exists that an entirely different subject has taken over control when it comes to education in scientific methodology in almost the entire field, namely statistics … The value of the statistical regulatory system should of course not be questioned, but it should not be forgotten that other forms of reflection are also cultivated in the land of science. No single subject can claim hegemony… John Maynard Keynes …...

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Applied econometrics — a messy business

Applied econometrics — a messy business Do you believe that 10 to 20% of the decline in crime in the 1990s was caused by an increase in abortions in the 1970s? Or that the murder rate would have increased by 250% since 1974 if the United States had not built so many new prisons? Did you believe predictions that the welfare reform of the 1990s would force 1,100,000 children into poverty? If you were misled by any of these studies, you may have fallen for a...

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Vad ALLA bör veta om statistik

Vad ALLA bör veta om statistik Även om man inte själv har tänkt sig producera statistik, bör alla som ägnar sig åt akademiska studier i någon form ha nog kunskaper för att förstå och värdera statistik på ett korrekt sätt. Fallgroparna är många. Den här boken hjälper med förtjänstfull pedagogisk handledning att få läsaren att undvika dessa.

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20 Best Econometrics Blogs and Websites in 2024

20 Best Econometrics Blogs and Websites in 2024 Yours truly, of course, feels truly honoured to find himself on the list of the world’s 20 Best Econometrics Blogs and Websites. 1. The Stata Blog 3. Cambridge Econometrics Blog 9. How the (Econometric) Sausage is Made 14. Lars P Syll Pålsson Syll received a PhD in economic history in 1991 and a PhD in economics in 1997, both at Lund University. He became an associate professor in economic history in 1995 and...

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Econometrics — a second-best explanatory practice

Econometrics — a second-best explanatory practice While appeal to R squared is a common rhetorical device, it is a very tenuous connection to any plausible explanatory virtues for many reasons. Either it is meant to be merely a measure of predictability in a given data set or it is a measure of causal influence. In either case it does not tell us much about explanatory power. Taken as a measure of predictive power, it is limited in that it predicts...

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