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Lars Pålsson Syll
Professor at Malmö University. Primary research interest - the philosophy, history and methodology of economics.

Lars P. Syll

Keynes visar vägen ut ur krisen

Keynes visar vägen ut ur krisen Egentligen är det märkligt att den ekonomiska mainstreamteorins företrädare inget verkar vilja lära av historien och åter under senaste tiden stått tämligen handfallna inför den nuvarande ekonomiska krisens härjningar runtom i världen. Speciellt erfarenheterna av den stora depressionen under mellankrigstiden borde annars vara lärorika. Att den neoklassiska ekonomiska teorin stod handfallen när denna bröt ut i slutet på...

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Courage that will live on forever

Courage that will live on forever Seventy-nine years ago today, on February 22, 1943, Hans and Sophie Scholl — members of the resistance group ‘Die Weisse Rose’ — were killed by the Nazis. Courage is not anything very common, and the value we put on it is a witness to its rarity. Courage is the capability to confront fear, as when in front of the powerful and mighty, not to step back, but stand up for one’s rights not to be humiliated or abused in any way...

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Top economics influencers to follow

Top economics influencers to follow Mainstream economics has sadly made economics increasingly irrelevant to the understanding of the real world. Trying to contribute to making economics a more realistic and relevant science, yours truly launched this blog in 2011. Now, thirteen years later and with millions of page views yours truly is — together with people like e.g. Paul Krugman, Joseph Stiglitz, Mariana Mazzucato, Thomas Piketty, and Steve Keen — ranked...

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The problem with economics — too much maths, too little history

The problem with economics — too much maths, too little history .[embedded content] Mainstream economists have always wanted to use their hammer, and so have decided to pretend that the world looks like a nail. Pretending that uncertainty can be reduced to risk and that all activities, relations, processes, and events can be adequately converted to pure numbers, have only contributed to making economics irrelevant and powerless when confronting real-world...

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Riksbanken har gjort hundratusentals arbetslösa

Riksbanken har gjort hundratusentals arbetslösa Många mainstreamekonomer medger att det är svårt att exakt veta var jämviktsarbetslösheten — NAIRU — ligger, men att den kan fungera som en slags ”tankeram” som kan hjälpa politiker och andra policymakare att fatta beslut och göra prognoser … Bra tankeram? Nej! Som senare tids forskning övertygande visat är NAIRU snarare att se som en slags ekonomisk-politisk fiktion som förändras utifrån den förda finans- och...

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Game theory — a waste of time on a staggering scale

Game theory — a waste of time on a staggering scale We certainly agree that regularities or models that explain or that give heuristic value over many different cases are highly desirable. But ones that do neither are not — especially if they use up huge resources along the way. When looking at the details, the Prisoner’s Dilemma’s explanatory record so far is poor and its heuristic record mixed at best. The only way to get a reliable sense of what...

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