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We Are All MMTers Now — John Furlan

The U.S has potentially entered the Age of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) with the deficit-busting stimulus bill, which would follow the two previous political/economic paradigm shifts, the Age of FDR/Keynes from 1932 to 1980, and the Age of Reagan/Friedman from 1980 to 2008. It’s just that most Americans haven’t even heard of MMT yet, but that could change very quickly if Sanders starts mentioning it,... If Sanders does so, he may still have the very belated chance to lead the historic...

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Trump Budget Seeks Deep Non-Defense Appropriations Cuts, in Break With Bipartisan Agreement — David Reich & Jennifer Beltrán

The Trump Administration’s 2021 budget calls for major new cuts in programs funded through non-defense appropriations. This budget category, often called non-defense discretionary (NDD), supports veterans’ medical care, aid to education, environmental protection, low-income housing, scientific research, infrastructure, public health, national parks, justice and law enforcement, job training, and many other important services and investments.[1]"THE BUDGET ABANDONS THE BIPARTISAN AGREEMENT...

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Pete Buttigieg’s Vow to Cut the Deficit Is Fiscally Irresponsible — Eric Levitz

“Fiscally responsible” is one of the more Orwellian phrases in American politics. Lawmakers earn that coveted title by affirming the three tenets of the Beltway’s official budgetary orthodoxy: (1) Deficits are inherently undesirable, (2) all new spending (on things that cannot be used to kill foreigners) should be fully offset by new taxes, and (3) reducing America’s existing national debt should be a top-tier policy priority. But these premises are rooted less in economic science than...

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As Bernie Sanders Surges, DNC Launches “Troll Army” Ahead of Iowa Caucus — Alan Macleod

The Democratic National Congress (DNC) has set up an extensive online communications team of trolls – and is launching it just in time for the Iowa caucus. CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan spoke to a number of its agents (almost all of whom insisted on remaining anonymous) and reported that the new DNC project is working with government agencies like the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security as well as online media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Google and Reddit.The DNC present the project as...

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