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Συζητώντας με την Πάολα Ρεβενιώτη στην “Κατάσταση Πολιορκίας” του ΜέΡΑ-TV

[embedded content] Λίγες φορές έχω χαρεί συζήτηση όσο το περασμένο Σάββατο με την Πάολα Ρεβενιώτη, της οποίας η έντιμη, αγωνιστική, αντι-καταθλιπτική δράση μας δίνει δύναμη . Η εικόνα της Αθήνας των περασμένων δεκαετιών που μοιράστηκε μαζί μας ήταν ένα ακόμα “μπόνους”. Αν δεν την είδατε, δείτε την – δεν θα το μετανιώσετε....

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A chronicle of our BLEAK TWENTIES – Cambridge Union Online

[embedded content] The good folk at Cambridge Union invited me to deliver a talk over the internet during our lockdown days. I chose to deliver a speech, or text, reciting what I fear might prove an accurate assessment of our BLEAK TWENTIES from the perspective of, say, December 2030. My great hope is that it is proven grossly inaccurate. But my fear is that it won’t…...

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Have Merkel & Macron just announced a eurobond-funded godsend for the EU? DiEM25’s view

[embedded content] On Monday 19th May 2020, Chancellor Merkel and President Macron announced a joint proposal for a 500 billion euro common fund, to be financed by allowing the European Commission to borrow from the money markets. The fund will, according to the Merkel-Macron proposal, finance directly businesses across the EU – by means mainly of transfers. Is this a breakthrough? Here is my...

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Discussing movies in the age of lockdown with Valeria Golino on DiEM-TV’s ‘Another Now’ – VIDEO

[embedded content] Honoured that Valeria Golino was my guest in the latest episode of DiEM-TV’s ‘Another Now’. With the extraordinary actor we talked films, films, films, plus a little on some common biographical details involving Greece, Egypt, scoliosis, not to mention that she played my… wife in ADULTS IN THE ROOM For previous episodes with Johann Hari, Roger Waters, Stephanie Kelton and...

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Progressive International: Today we began organising the world’s progressives. Join us!

[embedded content]   In December 2018, the Democracy in Europe Movement (DiEM25) and the Sanders Institute issued an open call to all progressive forces to form a common front.”It is time for progressives of the world to unite. The Progressive International takes up that call. We unite, organise, and mobilise progressive forces behind a shared vision of a world transformed.” Become a member...

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Η Λούκα Κατσέλη στο ΜέΡΑ-TV

[embedded content] Όπως πάντα στην “Κατάσταση Πολιορκίας” του ΜέΡΑ-TV, το Σάββατο 9 Μαΐου συνομιλήσαμε για όλα με την συνάδελφό μου από το Πανεπιστήμιο Αθηνών, και φίλη μου, Λούκα Κατσέλη: Τις επιρροές της, τους ανθρώπους που την σημάδεψαν, την οικονομική θεωρία, το πανεπιστήμιο, την πολιτική, το σήμερα & το αύριο...

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