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The Exxon Tiger Rampant

The Exxon Tiger Rampant, Bad Crow Review, Weldon Berger Links are at the end, doing linky stuff. _________________________________________________________________ “confidence is high in the oil and gas world” __________________________________________________________________ And why not? Record profits, massive new drilling projects in delicate environs, a presidential pronouncement validating decades more of fossil fuel burning and...

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Japan, The U.S., The Moon And More,

Japan, The U.S., The Moon And More, Weldon Berger, Bad Crow Review Links are at the end, with the steam trains. The train station had a 7-11 outside the platforms. The station was near my hotel and I went there for evening snacks a few times—bentos and musubi and azuki bean pastries and the like. Good food, really, in context. I miss trains, as regular readers will know. Trains and crows, neither of which I got any good shots, the latter...

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Sparsely Illumed

Illumed, Illusion, Ill used one Another commentary done in a unique style by a former Slate commenter Weldon Berger. I had read about the Walgreen’s shoplifting media frenzy elsewhere. If you have been in a Walgreens, you have probably seen the cameras in the ceiling, wide open aisles, “Sparsely Illumed,” Weldon Berger, Bad Crow Review ( _____________________________________________________ “Where’s the hammer?”...

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How Long Before This Wears Off, Doc?

Some history and knowledge about the House by Weldon @ Bad Crow Review. Known Weldon for a while now. He writes some good words. And this topic fits right in his wheelhouse of knowledge. Enjoy . . . “How Long Before This Wears Off, Doc?” Weldon Berger, Bad Crow Review, “Could be a year, could be a lifetime . . .” Links are at the end. I’m pretty sure some of the fireworks which look white to me are actually some feeble shade of green....

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“All The News That Ain’t Anent,”

Weldon, others and I go back a way. All the way to the Best of the Fray on Slate. I am a numbers guy still steeped on the engineering side. Weldon is a journalist. Bad Crow Review, “All The News That Ain’t Anent,” Weldon Berger, ( New York Times journalists in mass strike for first time in 40 years New York Times journalists have committed some absolutely rotten journalism over the years, whether downplaying Hitler’s...

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Slacker Sunday on a Monday

A bit of an intro for Weldon. A good writer who I knew at Slate’s, “The Best of the Fray.” In contrast to what is there at Slate now, we far surpassed its present quality. Just a quiet read on Labor Day. “Slacker Sunday,” Bad Crow Review, Weldon Burger (author) “A dog howls at daybreak,” Years back a friend had a bloodhound called Elvis. The dog sounding off in the wee-ish hours this morning sounded like kin. The eyes are the...

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