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Sputnik — ‘A Threat to Global Humanity’: For 70 Years, NATO Has Formed ‘Matrix’ of Imperialism

“We said that this gathering [the summit] should be seen as a threat to global humanity. It’s quite clear from its history - that is NATO’s history - that it is a structure that is used to maintain and advance Western global capitalist interest, and for that it should be seen as a threat. Most of the interventions by NATO have been beyond the pale of legality,” [Ajamu] Baraka, [national organizer of the Black Alliance for Peace,] told hosts Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon. “The very fact...

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Carl Zha — The Historic Background of China’s Perception of the West

Backgrounder. Lots of pictures. And much that people in the West are unaware of regarding China and its historical relationship with the US. As with Russia, the US blew up its soft power with China.Interestingly, the turning point for both China and Russia seems to have been the US bombing of Serbia, a traditional Russian ally, during which the US also bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and made a weak excuse for it.At this point, both Chinese and Russians realized that spreading...

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