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History Lesson: Why China Wants to Become a Military Superpower — Harry J. Kazianis

Understanding the Chinese mindset means understanding their history. Key Point: China plans on never being humiliated ever again. Bingo. Harry J. Kazianis nails it.The US-initiated "trade war" and the manufactured Hong Kong separatist revolt are eerily reminiscent of the British colonization of China and the Opium War. It is blazingly obvious to all Chinese people but is lost on the West that the intention is to keep China down and make it subservient to the the West, led by the US.China...

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The Great Switch: The Geo-Politics of Looming Recession — Alastair Crooke

This post is a review of British historian Adam Tooze's histories of WWII (The Wages of Destruction) – and of WWI (The Deluge), which Alastair Crooke applies to current world affairs based on US strategy to diminish political and economic rivals through economic (trade) policy that is really economic warfare. He posits that Tooze's work establishes a precedent for thisStrategic Culture FoundationThe Great Switch: The Geo-Politics of Looming Recession Alastair Crooke | founder and director of...

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Branko Milanovic reviews Francis Fukuyama’s The Origins of Political Order.

How do you write about a book that is almost 600 pages long (in small print), has 25 pages of references, and the ambition to explain political institutions from the dawn of mankind to the French Revolution, from kinship-based bands of hunters to Voltaire? This was Francis Fukuyama’s objective in this monumental (yet eminently readable) book, “The Origins of PoliticalOrder” (note the plural).My review, given the size and importance of the book, will be done in two parts, First, here, I...

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Frank Li — History 2.0

The dramatic rise of China over the past four decades not only has rocketed China's economy to the top of the world (in terms of PPP - purchasing power parity), with no end in sight, but also is ending western dominance over the past 200 years, at least.What does that mean to the world? Everything, from politics (End of Democracy?) to economics (Adam Smith vs. Karl Marx)! To understand the profound implication of this change, we must truly understand the past, for which we must re-examine...

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More on Marx

Positive. Michael Roberts BlogMarx and Keynes in BerlinMichael Roberts The ConversationKarl Marx: ten things to read if you want to understand him James Muldoon, Lecturer in Political Science, University of Exeterand Robert Jackson, Lecturer in Politics, Manchester Metropolitan University Negative. BloombergRemember Marx for How Much He Got Wrong Noah Smith, Contributor Grasping RealityUnderstanding Karl MarxBrad DeLong | Professor of Economics, UCAL Berkeley Neutral Collège de...

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Carl Zha — The Historic Background of China’s Perception of the West

Backgrounder. Lots of pictures. And much that people in the West are unaware of regarding China and its historical relationship with the US. As with Russia, the US blew up its soft power with China.Interestingly, the turning point for both China and Russia seems to have been the US bombing of Serbia, a traditional Russian ally, during which the US also bombed the Chinese embassy in Belgrade and made a weak excuse for it.At this point, both Chinese and Russians realized that spreading...

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