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The dark side of revenue


Steve Keen considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

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Mike Norman writes Rassmussen: Americans trust in US banking system

Steve Keen
Steve Keen (born 28 March 1953) is an Australian-born, British-based economist and author. He considers himself a post-Keynesian, criticising neoclassical economics as inconsistent, unscientific and empirically unsupported. The major influences on Keen's thinking about economics include John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, Hyman Minsky, Piero Sraffa, Augusto Graziani, Joseph Alois Schumpeter, Thorstein Veblen, and François Quesnay.

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  1. Basically a re-distribution from industry and agricultural owners to finance owners, by using the money of the workers in the above mentioned industries.

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