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Students Hijack University to Bring Famous Author

Students Hijack University to Bring Famous Author

Steve Keen considers the following as important:

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Students Hijack University to Bring Famous Author
Steve Keen
Steve Keen (born 28 March 1953) is an Australian-born, British-based economist and author. He considers himself a post-Keynesian, criticising neoclassical economics as inconsistent, unscientific and empirically unsupported. The major influences on Keen's thinking about economics include John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, Hyman Minsky, Piero Sraffa, Augusto Graziani, Joseph Alois Schumpeter, Thorstein Veblen, and François Quesnay.


  1. And this was the beginning-ending of student union politics?
    Strategies of staging demonstrations of power without the logistics of rational results in educational objectives?

    I couldn't make sense out of the state of organization of education at University, a curriculum of chaos and mafia-like party politics wrapped up by religious substitution for diverse thinking for one's self that is the supposed purpose of uni-verse-ity turning together toward harmonic integration, to be understood as holography-quantization, teaching-learning nucleation in Individuality. Something like that ideal maybe.

  2. C² logarithmic condensation modulation cause-effect mechanism of reciprocation-recirculation relative-timing is a frequency and wave-packaging of frequency-amplitudes prime-cofactor Spacetime Relativity, so you would expect it to be a constant of conduction in log-antilog relative-timing 2-ness string-like nodal-vibrational emitter-receiver quantization cause-effect floating in No-thing, Absolute Zero-infinity orthogonality of the picture-plane shell-horizons.., "You just look at it, and you notice.." that pattern of integrated metastability interference positioning resonance that Newton demonstrated in the Camera Obscura setup of parallel prisms turning inside-outside Superposition-point node-antinode wave-packaging up and as in QM slit-source displacement and display arrangements.

    You can see what the CMB is, in the same way.., Absolute Zero Kelvin flat-space ground-state No-thing-defined except orthogonal shell-horizons of 3-ness Cavity Resonance reciprocation-recirculation Fusion-Fission Function, states composed of Electron-photon-phonon-Proton and other Neutronic oscillation holography based on superposition, superimposed line-of-sight frequency density-intensity alignment time-timing sync-duration wave-packaging, Singularity-point Lensing Partitioning holography of parallel coexistence, instantaneous reference-framing here-now-forever in/of QM-TIME resonance Observation.

    The Fine Structure Constant continuous creation cause-effect of phase-locked coherence-cohesion prime-cofactor nodal-vibrational wave length, crystalline Tabulated matrices of elemental numberness dominance sequences, you can deduce from mathematical Intuitions of Cavity Resonance Oscillation=> holography of Time Superposition-point Singularity Timing-spacing sync-duration phase-locked phenomena. Put sand on a Drumhead and vibrate..

    The reciprocal of 137th speed of light suggests a phonon dimensionality in relative-timing ratio-rates. (Superconduction phenomenon of Sublimation-Tunnelling displacement at Absolute Zero Kelvin. (Too obvious?)

    Maybe we can calculate the numbers of nodes of a particular density-intensity in the Observable Eternity-now Interval of wave-packaging formation..
    (Why we would logically! agree with Steve Caruthers, QM Superposition-point relative-timing logic)

  3. "Cosmic Evolution" is of course, instantaneous re-evolution in/of flash-fractal Totality =>recognition of e-Pi-i reciprocation-recirculation=> Planck Dimensions quantization of spin-spiral sync-duration holographic nucleation, ie Singularity-point positioning IS self-defining Conception. Be-cause-effect:-

    What's in/of a Singularity-point Star? A prime-cofactor flash-fractal recognition of Math-Phys-Chem and Geometrical phase-locked coherence-cohesion, elemental nodes of wave-packaging sync-duration resonances.
    Temporal superposition substantiation-> log-antilog condensation materialisation, E=mC² @e-Pi-i sync-duration resonance shell-horizons of wave-packaging envelopment => Chemical Bonding Clarified through Quantum reciprocation-recirculation Mechanics.., ->holography.

    Godlike flash-fractal formation of potential wave-packaging positioning,'s the only actual-possible candidate for the Universe in/of understanding. (Observation not Opinion, but q-a cause-effect comparison of beginning-ending standing =static/dynamic i-reflection containment, a Sublimation-Tunnelling distribution of a unity-connection logarithmic condensation.., inside-outside prime-cofactor superposition =>ONE-INFINITY=> no new news in holography, only a new language of observable potential angles categorization, individualised POV.

    Eg Galilean, Euler, Newtonian, Feynman Diagrams style to Disney observations on "big flash-fractal" Logarithmic POV of QM-TIME etc etc.
    Dirac's Math-Phys-Chem observations of "numerological numberness", are in principle equivalent to recognise reciprocation-recirculation in general Planck Dimensions style of applied static/dynamic relative-timing ratio-rates, the log-antilog 0-1-2-3ness observable resonance @i-reflection-> superposition Principle.

  4. Singularity-point => co-incidence, parallel coexistence POV of central unit circle of ONE-INFINITY Singularity = QM-TIME superposition static identification, dynamic categorization/quantization line-of-sight angle on a compound hyper-hypo log-antilog resonance-> probabilistic correlations shaping WYSIWYG Uncertainty Principle POV.
    No cloning concept = no precision predictability for what can only be measured, like for like, geometrically accurate in congruence, ie not an apples/oranges superposition proof-disproof of truth in labelling, observations not opinions in the NOW.

    Aka Exclusion Principle or Disproof Methodology Philosophy.
    =>Once resented, now grateful to have "failed" to reach arbitrarily or authoritatively convenient qualifications. See.., reason/resonate meditate, ..the Pattern, eg quarternions or i-reflection 0-1-2-3-4-etc exponentiation-ness reciprocation-recirculation potential positioning possibilities, (I think Experimentalist's Intuitions predicted general principles are not frozen-constant objects, but are phase-locked coherence-cohesion objective-aspects like temporal hyperfluid liquidity, thermodynamical perfect gas in the Sun/Stars.

    Dr Unzicker's analysis of Dimensional Analysis itself is confirmation of the intellectual inhibition that prevents some of us from accepting the "near-enough" rote learned attitudes of University lectures-not-lessons approach to achieving qualifications.

    Thank you all together, for posting appropriate disagreements with the political-not-scientiic establishment.

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