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Mean Tweets #1

Watch the full Real-Time with Steve Keen & Friends where this clip was from. Full Show:

Steve Keen considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Lars Pålsson Syll writes Is ethnic segregation positive?

Lars Pålsson Syll writes The pitfalls of randomization

New Economics Foundation writes A piece of the housing puzzle

Matias Vernengo writes Lula’s fiscal problems

Watch the full Real-Time with Steve Keen & Friends where this clip was from.

Full Show:
Steve Keen
Steve Keen (born 28 March 1953) is an Australian-born, British-based economist and author. He considers himself a post-Keynesian, criticising neoclassical economics as inconsistent, unscientific and empirically unsupported. The major influences on Keen's thinking about economics include John Maynard Keynes, Karl Marx, Hyman Minsky, Piero Sraffa, Augusto Graziani, Joseph Alois Schumpeter, Thorstein Veblen, and François Quesnay.


  1. @BigHammerDude

    Oh Dear, you guys are having to much fun.

  2. @JimRoberts-tx5ey

    It's actually kind of nice to see an economist not take him or herself seriously. Keep up the good work.

  3. @aaronblain6377

    This is fun.

    It also points to how ruling class ideology tends to rely on force, bullying, control of the means of communcation, etc, rather than on having persuasive arguments and evidence.

    Those of us who have a firm basis for our views would rather refer to that basis.

  4. @GhostOnTheHalfShell

    It's mean tweets 3

  5. @GhostOnTheHalfShell

    Of course Ty here is skirting his wonderful livestream laugh track timing and levels acumen.

  6. Did you know that when you sign up for a checking account that you can pick your starting check #, so that others can't forge or discredit your account? The same goes for YT vid numbers.

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