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new issue of WEA Commentaries

WEA Commentaries Volume 11, Issue 4 download the whole issue Pandora Papers and tax havens: what do they tell us?Mitja Stefancic Brazilian Foreign Policy: crisis and preliminary effects on International Cooperation and DevelopmentPatrícia Andrade de Oliveira e Silva and Pietro Carlos de Souza Rodrigues On Diane Coyle’s Cogs and MonstersLars Syll Combatting Global Warming: The Solution to China’s Demographic “Crisis”Dean Baker Regulation of international capital flows in developing countries: institutional and political challenges in their implementationJuan Carlos Moreno-Brid and Lorenzo Nalin Please click here to support the World Economics Association

Editor considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Dean Baker writes Are used car prices bankrupting workers?

Lars Pålsson Syll writes Models and the need to validate assumptions

Editor writes Weekend read – Combatting global warming: The solution to China’s demographic “crisis”

Editor writes Meat Loaf

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