Tuesday , October 4 2022
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WEA CommentariesVolume 12, Issue 2 download the whole issue Can university education in economics contribute to strengthened democracy and peace? Peter Söderbaum The Irish anomaly. Rethinking the concept and operationalization of ‘Gross Fixed Capital Formation’ Merijn Knibbe Benefits of fathers caring for children remain underestimatedin several European contexts Mitja Stefancic The WEA Textbook Commentaries Project What’s Capitalism got to do with it? David F Ruccio Please click here to support the World Economics Association

Editor considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Joel Eissenberg writes Review of “The Future is History”

tom writes Sabotaging Germany, blaming Russia: another view of the Nord Stream pipeline attack

Merijn T. Knibbe writes Liz Truss. Or: how not to pay for the war

Dan Crawford writes Open thread Sept. 30, 2022

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