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How Can We Cooperate When the Pandemic Is Driving Us Apart? — Jill Suttie interviews Paul Atkins

JS: What are those concepts? What do we need for groups to be more kind, helpful, and cooperative? PA: There are eight design principles in our book that help groups to act more cooperatively [for the common good]. Greater Good MagazineHow Can We Cooperate When the Pandemic Is Driving Us Apart? Jill Suttie interviews Paul Atkins, coauthor of the new book Prosocial: Using Evolutionary Science to Build Productive, Equitable, and Collaborative Groups.

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Benjamin Enke — The coevolution of kinship systems, cooperation, and culture

Daily life requires us to cooperate with a large number of – potentially unrelated – people. This column argues that cultural variation in the ways people cooperate with each other are empirically associated with fundamentally different religious beliefs, moral values, emotions of shame and guilt, social norms, and institutions. This suggests that various psychological, biological, and institutional mechanisms co-evolved to support specific social cooperation systems. Harmonizing personal...

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Men, Woman, Cooperation and the Gender Pay Gap

Here is a working paper by Leonie Gerhards and Michael Kosfeld entitled I (Don’t) Like You! But Who Cares? Gender Differences in Same Sex and Mixed Sex Teams. The abstract reads as follows: We study the effect of likability on female and male team behavior in a lab experiment. Extending a two-player public goods game and a minimum effort game by an additional pre-play stage that informs team members about their mutual likability we find that female teams...

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