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US Offered Millions To Captain To Help Seize Iranian Oil Tanker — Tsvetana Paraskova

Desperation make one look weak and stupid. Wrong message.The interesting thing psychologically is that it implies that the one making the offer is money-driven and has little appreciation of honor. Selling out is just another part of the game in this twisted view.OilpriceUS Offered Millions To Captain To Help Seize Iranian Oil Tanker Tsvetana Paraskova See alsoSI'B-Team Gangsters': US Confirms Trying to Bribe Captains of Iranian Tankers, as Tehran Decries 'Blackmail'also If at first you...

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U.S. Intensifies Pressure Against Iran, Targets Oil Tanker Network — Irina Slav

So much for freedom of navigation. "Control of the seas" is more appropriate. The new sanctions, targeting an oil tanker network involving 11 vessels, 16 entities, and 10 individuals, according to Xinhua, aim to further squeeze Iran’s international oil shipments. The new penalties come days after Tehran said it will not return to the negotiating table unless it was allowed to export crude. As French President Emmanuel Macron leads an effort to relieve the pressure on Iran, the signal from...

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US Sanctions Are Designed to Kill — Kevin Cashman & Cavan Kharrazian

Sanctions are being used against some countries as economic warfare rather than primarily political pressure, and there will be casualties as in any war including "collateral damage." Some people will die. The perps know this. It should be clear that the United States is uniquely positioned to choke off imports and exports from a targeted country using sanctions with deep, negative consequences for that country’s economy, as well as severe constraints on its government’s ability to address...

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How Tehran fits into Russia-China strategy — Pepe Escobar

Complex doesn’t even begin to describe the positioning of Iran-Russia in the geopolitical chessboard. What’s clear in our current, volatile moment is that they’re partners, as I previously reported. Although not strategic partners, as in the Russia-China tie-up, Russia-China-Iran remain the crucial triad in the ongoing, multi-layered, long-term Eurasia integration process. A few days after our Asia Times report, an article – based on “senior sources close to the Iranian regime” and crammed...

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Russia Gains Stranglehold Over Persian Gulf — Simon Watkins

Leaving aside the sensational headline, the article is about a putative recent agreement between Iran and Russia for Russia to participate more actively in Iran, as it has long done in Syria. Simon Watkins gives specifics he claims he has been made privy to. He seems to be in a position to have the connections.Oilprice.comRussia Gains Stranglehold Over Persian GulfSimon Watkins, formerly Head of Forex Institutional Sales and Trading for Credit Lyonnais, Director of Forex at Bank of Montreal,...

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To Think Outside the Box, It Helps First to Understand What’s IN the Box — Alastair Crooke

President Trump doesn't seem to have any idea of what is in the box. He may find out soon.Strategic Culture FoundationTo Think Outside the Box, It Helps First to Understand What’s IN the Box Alastair Crooke | founder and director of the Conflicts Forum, and former British diplomat and senior figure in British intelligence and in European Union diplomacy

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