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Medicare Advantage Artificial Intelligence can Limit Care for Patients

At Angry Bear, we have one person and his wife using a KFF Medicare Advantage plan. He reports good to excellent care being the result of the KFF plan. Potentially there still can be cost issue even with KFF plans. This commentary by KFF Health News is about Medicare Advantage plans in general. Read on. I have made some comments in the author’s text. Feds Rein in Predictive Software That Limits Care for Medicare Advantage Patients, MedPage Today,...

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Most Medicaid enrollees were unaware states can drop People “Now”

Fred Dobbs had a comment “a poll from KFF” on the Open Thread which led to this article. Read it, rewrote much of it, and posted it. More on the economics on healthcare. What is not being said here is what are the costs to the nation of no healthcare. Here we are just reporting on the disenrolled and not what is happening later. “The Unwinding of Medicaid Continuous Enrollment: Knowledge and Experiences of Enrollees,” KFF, Multiple Authors....

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Facts about the ACA marketplace for 2023

I think I have this initial chart big enough so you can see it. I should not have to explain this as it is apparent what is happening with ACA (PPACA) healthcare insurance. The pricing decrease and stability shown is due to Joe Biden’s ARPA enhancing subsidies. The ARPA lower cost results are also increasing enrollment 21% from last year. The premiums will remain in place for three-years. And this too is inflationary as everyone spends money to...

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