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“Seville: public water and private interests”

David Zetland is teaching a class and he is asking for commentary, Commentary to help his Water Scarcity students by commenting on unclear analysis, alternative perspectives, better data sources, in this post or maybe just saying something nice 🙂 to them. I am sure we can do better . . . “Seville: public water, private interests,” The one-handed economist David writes* The Mediterranean Basin is one of the regions that will suffer the most...

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The long shadow of apartheid

As Economist David Zetland states, “I’m a political-economist from California who now lives in Amsterdam.” AB: I passed through Amsterdam a few times on my way to Germany. Not a huge fan of the airport. I wish I had the chance to explore the country a bit more like I did other parts of Europe. Not in the cards then. David has an interesting commentary on race, separation, the history of discrimination, and the economic impact of it. It...

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