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THE ECONOMIST on DiEM25 & the European Spring: “Varoufakis Sans Frontières”

In a warm office in Berlin’s trendy Kreuzberg district, Charlemagne is trying to persuade Yanis Varoufakis that he is a politician. “It’s a necessity. I really dislike running and asking people for votes,” protests the Greek economist when asked about European Spring, his new transnational political party. Does he think of himself as a politician? “No. The moment I do, shoot me.” Apparently inadvertently, Mr Varoufakis won his seat in the Greek parliament in 2015, became finance minister, took on the European economic establishment and failed. After six months, he discarded the chains of office in pique. “If you want to be a manager, you can work for Goldman Sachs,” he sighs. Not a politician? That evening, in

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