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Bill Mitchell — (in the future: William Mitchell – Modern Monetary Theory) Administrative update: My blog has a new home

I have finally moved my blog and integrated in within my long-standing home page. The new blog address is – – although the old address will work forever. However, I do urge you to update your bookmarks to the new address....Bill Mitchell – billy blog (in the future:  William Mitchell - Modern Monetary Theory)Administrative update: My blog has a new homeBill Mitchell | Professor in Economics and Director of the Centre of Full Employment and Equity (CofFEE), at...

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Amartya Sen’s Work Shows Us the Human Cost of Capitalist Development — Benjamin Selwyn

What happens when capital (ownership, property accumulation, "growth") is favored over the other factors of production, labor (workers, people, welfare) and land (the environment, ecology). Developing Economics Amartya Sen’s Work Shows Us the Human Cost of Capitalist DevelopmentBenjamin Selwyn, professor of international relations and international development at the University of Sussex.RelatedTax Research UKAnyone who seriously thinks GDP measures prove that the country is succeeding...

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I was surprised by the last 2 days’ pullback.

Here's why. Trade and invest using the concepts of MMT. Get a 30-day free trial to MMT Trader. Mike Norman Twitter Mike Norman Economics: Understanding the Daily Treasury Statement video course.

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National Currencies: it is happening! — amarynth

First, the Euro is getting to be completely excluded in RussiaSecond, the use of national currencies through BRICS is moving ahead[Third], the Brazilian Central Bank and the People’s Bank of China signed a memorandum of understanding allowing bilateral trade IN YUAN for Brazilian and Chinese companies, investors, and institutionsGlobal SouthNational Currencies: it is happening!amarynth

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The Big Stiff: Russia-Iran dump the dollar and bust US sanctions — Pepe Escobar

News of Russian banks connecting to Iran’s financial messaging system strengthens the resistance against US-imposed sanctions on both countries and accelerates global de-dollarization.The CradleThe Big Stiff: Russia-Iran dump the dollar and bust US sanctionsPepe EscobarSee also“One factor that could well be keeping the gold price so supported is the strength of buying from central banks, including those in China, India and Turkey. As these fast-growing economies look to diversify away from...

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Bill Mitchell – Central banks accounting losses are rising but are of no importance to anything important

There are regular interventions from commentators over time who repeat the same thing over and over – usually some prophesy that a currency (for example, the Yen or the USD) will collapse soon, and life goes on until they come out with the same predictions, which never turn out. The mainstream media loves to give these characters a platform because the headlines are sensational and I guess that sells ‘units’ for the companies. The latest I saw was from Mr. Roubini in the Financial Times, who...

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