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Central banks and climate change — Bill Mitchell

Today, I discuss a recent paper from the Bank of Japan’s Research and Studies series that focused on how much attention central banks around the world give to climate change and sustainability and how they interpret those challenges within their policy frameworks. The interesting result is that when there is an explicit mandate given to the central bank to consider these issues, the policy responses are framed quite differently and are oriented towards solutions, whereas otherwise, the...

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US labour market – no sign of a major slowdown underway — Bill Mitchell

Last Friday (December 8 , 2023), the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released their latest labour market data – Employment Situation Summary – November 2023 – which showed payroll employment rising by 199,000 which is a good sign. The unemployment rate also fell as employment growth outstripped the growth in the labour force – down to 3.7 per cent (from 3.9 per cent). The participation rate rose by 0.1 point, indicating optimism among workers. I see no sign of a major slowdown emerging....

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Science v Art

Massie (BSEE MIT, allegedly) vs. Kerry (BA PoliSci, Yale)…House freakdom caucus member Massie doesn’t understand the contemporary organization of the academe… Amazing how people don’t understand this simple bifurcation… 🤔MUST-WATCH: Rep. Thomas Massie masterfully exposes John Kerry's #ClimateScam propaganda—upon which Net Zero is built—for the sheer undiluted nonsense that it is, in just two minutes."I think it's somewhat appropriate that somebody with a pseudoscience degree is here pushing…...

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Progress coming in Biology

Looks like the department of Biology is going to finally shit can the Art Degree entirely… that would leave Economics as last moron standing…Seems like a consensus is forming amongst many smart people! This is Jensen Huang, CEO of $NVDABasically WATCH OUT for the impending biotech BOOM 💥 pic.twitter.com/QrN7heeyiQ— Gene Investing w/Anthony 🧬 (@GeneInvesting) December 6, 2023

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Biden: Fed should be discouraged from raising interest rates

Implies at least a hold for election year… for now…Hey, I thought Biden always said he respected the Fed’s independence. What gives?“Biden said the Federal Reserve should be discouraged from raising interest rates, in rare comments from the president on central bank policy making” https://t.co/9SnBThvJWU via @bpolitics— Judy Shelton (@judyshel) December 9, 2023

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