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If Government Can Print Money, Why Does It Borrow? — L. Randall Wray (2005)

Recently, the neglected question of why the US government borrows, given that it can print money, has arisen in the context of discussions surrounding a new documentary, Finding the Money. As L. Randall Wray observes in this one-pager, Modern Money Theory has been providing answers to this question for some time; and, he argues, it is a topic that mainstream economists are ill-equipped to address, since very few concern themselves with the monetary operations that underlie the question of...

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Corporate buybacks

No not so fast there buddy. ..  According to MMT the US government is “borrowing money!” from the tax exempt foreign divisions of these multinationals…It’s not just transferring retained earnings into foreign UST accounts at the Fed as part of a scheme to reduce overall corporate tax liabilities… that’s not what is happening..I wonder how many people know these “buybacks” are mostly unpaid taxes distributed to investors in US 🤔In the case of $AAPL profits are kept offshore in 0% tax...

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Month end settlements

Have to see if this large month end settlement pattern continues…. It may be that first of the month fiscal transfers are getting so large these days that they are destabilizing reserve assets at Depositories… so Treasury might be scheduling most of the settlements the day before to reduce reserve balances within the same regulatory period as the first of the month…Treasury issuance is not “borrowing!” despite what MMT asserts…Treasury issuance is skewed this month. There are net paydowns...

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