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Darwin, Evolution, the pre-1960s Left and Human Races

Charles Darwin – the discover of evolution by natural selection – wrote a book called The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex (1871), with a second edition of the book published in 1874.Chapter 7 of The Descent of Man is called “On the Races of Man.”There is no doubt that Darwin thought evolution applied to human beings, and that all humans descended from a common ancestry and species. But he also thought that there were distinct races or sub-species of man (Darwin 1874: 162,...

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Dinesh D’Souza as a Charlatan

Could there be anything more absurd than the spectacle of Dinesh D’Souza? His new movie is called Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time?.Some videos below give us a summary of his ideas:[embedded content][embedded content][embedded content]The fundamental thesis of Dinesh D’Souza is, in essence, that the Democratic Party and American progressive Liberalism are linked to Nazism and are, by implication, on a moral level with Nazism. Furthermore, D’Souza thinks that Nazism (or...

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Robert P. Murphy on Rothbardians versus Free Bankers

Robert P. Murphy recently gave a talk on fractional reserve banking and free banking:[embedded content]Listening to this video really brings home what a lame cult of losers American libertarians actually are.Murphy repeats the same tired lies about fractional reserve banking we have all heard before: e.g., that a demand deposit involves two entities (the bank and depositor) owning the same money (when this is a blatant falsehood), and the fake legal history of fractional reserve banking...

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No War on Syria!

Stephen Cohen points out how dangerous the current drive to military action in Syria is:[embedded content]Fortunately, there are signs that, if any US missile strikes happen, it will essentially be a PR stunt with the Russians being warned in advance of the targets, as Russia Insider has reported. If true, the real danger is that mistakes can be made and things could get out of control quickly, especially if wider Middle East tension erupts and military intervention is taken by Israel, Iran...

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