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Trends of Cubans Migrating to the US and Why

We did not see many Cubans come over the fence to escape to the Naval Base known as GITMO. It was just not possible as the fence surrounding GITMO was watched closely by the Cuban military. The history behind the designation of GITMO is derived from a bit of history – 1917. In 1917, sugar plantation owners who feared a military insurgency asked the U.S. to station Marines at the base. From then on, Guantanamo Bay became a crucial hub of...

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Time to Rebuild an Island

I was stationed in Cuba at GITMO for almost a year. Came back stateside every 4-5 months. I could not tell you much about the country itself. We did get people coming over the fence to escape. Not sure what happened to them. I think it is about time we loosen up on this island. They are not much of a threat. The embargo plays out on the Cuban population mostly. Other countries are not looking kindly on the US embargo of Cuba. There is not much...

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The 2019 UN Vote Against the US Blockade of Cuba — Ike Nahem

On November 7, 2019, for the 28th year in a row, the entire United Nations General Assembly, gathered in one room, voted overwhelmingly against “the Economic, Commercial, and Financial Embargo Imposed on Cuba by the United States.” The final tally was 187 in favor, 3 opposed (Brazil, Israel, US), 2 abstentions (Colombia, Ukraine), 1 not voting (Moldova).... Dissident VoiceThe 2019 UN Vote Against the US Blockade of Cuba Ike Nahem

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Moon of Alabama — Cuban Doctors Provide Healthcare To Those In Need-The U.S. Wants To Stop Them

The Trump administration likes the steps Bolsonaro took. It wants to starve Cuba of access to hard currencies that the body leasing of doctors provides. It is also one of the reasons why it targets Venezuela: Around 50,000 Cuban health professionals work in 66 countries worldwide, although around half of those work in Venezuela, with an additional 11,456 in Brazil. The Cuban doctors in Brazil are gone and the U.S. is pressing for those in Venezuela to leave. Trump's National Security...

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China comes to aid of Cuba

New kid on the aircraft delivers humanitarian aid in Cuba after Hurricane Irma Xinhua Latin America is an important region with a concentration of developing countries, said Wang. The development and revitalization of the region is an important part of the endeavors to revitalize the emerging markets and developing countries as a whole.China-Latin America comprehensive cooperation is facing new opportunities, he noted. China, Cuba vow to enhance...

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